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Comment Re:Cruz can't be trusted (Score 1) 543

Meh... I mean, it's totally bad and she should not have done it. But I suspect that 90% of your population isn't going to give a rats ass about the e-mail server debacle.

Given the choice between 'maybe did some shady things with an email server that she shouldn't have had' vs. 'wants to ban a large group of people from the country', many, many people are going to be able to put up with the former to avoid the latter.

Comment Re:Dead Wrong (Score 1) 108

I think we're past the point of registering just cameras. What we should instead be doing is requiring and enforcing registration of smartphones and any devices with a camera, and requiring any video recording device to watermark incoming images so that you can identify exactly which device took a particular picture. This would solve all sorts of problems from photo copyright to child pornography. You would be able to tell exactly which device was used to take a picture and find out who the first distributor was.

There are obviously lots of holes that you have to fill in on the way there - you would have to stop the momentum towards open hardware and software - no more letting ordinary people install custom software on their phones willy nilly. Custom ROMs are leading to the devastation of our society. Custom apps need to be tightly controlled to avoid people developing software to workaround the watermarking (though maybe it is best to just ban them outright).

Any software capable of loading and transmitting a file needs to be tightly controlled so that we know exactly who is sending these images where.

It is ridiculous that with the state of technology today we still allow people to run arbitrary software on personal computers and devices. We need to lock all this down before the harm to society is irreversible.

Comment Our plan for open and fair government (Score 3, Insightful) 284

I don't have particular objections to the long form census, especially as I doubt they will come after you if you don't fill out all the questions, or answer erroneously (although considering the data is used for planning though this wouldn't necessarily seem to be in ones best interest).

However, it makes me worry that this is being presented as 'open and fair government'. I was really hoping Trudeau's campaign for 'real change' would include dropping the political blowing smoke up asses and not making every decision part of a heroic effort for 'open and fair government.'

Comment Re:Related? (Score 1) 138

It's really hard to say, I think - the radiation exposure it possibly a risk factor. But how long does it take from exposure to detection of cancer is a detail I'm not sure about.

If you consider, for example, the connection between having sex and having a baby (and for the sake of example, ignore all the signs in between), and you took a sample of women who had babies three months after having sex, you could perhaps conclude that there is no relationships between having sex and having a baby.

Is 4 1/2 years enough time after the radiation exposure for cancer to develop and be detected?

You will be able to get far better statistics by looking at your Fukushima population in say 2030 and comparing your cancer rate to the general population.

Comment Re:What's Wordpress walling ... (Score 1) 80

Perhaps it isn't what it is walling and what exposure it offers. I mean, there are obvious nefarious things like relaying spam and such. However, with wider and wider adoption of Wordpress in larger sites, there is lots of opportunity such as:

1. Changing affiliate links to redirect money to yourself
2. During election time, political sites seem to be potential big targets. Obviously one approach would be to do something blatant and visible, but if you wanted to be more nefarious you could make subtle changes that would impact the political message while going mostly undetected
3. Along the same lines, adding subtle, hidden referrals to other sites could help drive huge traffic. Similar to 1, say you had a site that offered products reviews and provided a link to another site where you could purchase the product. You could instead link to your own site to drive business. It would be subtle, perhaps unnoticeable, but would end with people buying a TV from say, Best Buy instead of Sears.

These are just some of many possible options where you can alter content in subtle ways for either profit, or to discredit another person/group.

Comment Re: Academia is willing to protect total dicks (Score 2) 345

I wouldn't judge her for not recording the transactions, on the other hand, given that it was unlikely to stop I wonder if it would have been possible to record and wait until she was finished in order to prevent it from happening to future students. I doubt this is isolated behaviour and it sounds like he was generally an asshole.

Additionally, enduring and keeping the records might have underlined and highlighted the bleakness of the situation a student might find themselves in - forced to endure unwanted attention because of the stakes that are on the line.

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