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+ - "Twilight" questions light up local PBS bl->

Submitted by varistderreindfleisc
varistderreindfleisc (1170929) writes "Just the notion of having a chance to submit questions for interviewers to ask teen vampire novel Twilight's movie adaption's screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is bringing ridiculous traffic to Austin PBS station KLRU's local blog/vlog/broadcast hybrid show's Docubloggers website. If you are like me, your girlfriend/wife (for all twelve of us geeks that have one) has been babbling about the Twilight series to you for quite some time now. Here's their chance to maybe get a question answered. The final video will air locally in Austin but will also appear on youtube for the benefit of all Meyer vampire obsessed fans everywhere.

Tip for my fellow slashdot males. If you want to meet women, any Twilight related event is a heckuva place to start."

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+ - Strong Bad Game Coming Soon? Abso-freekin-lutely!->

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varistderreindfleisc writes "Reading slashdot and reading Strong Bad's emails at homestarrunner.com were always two of my proudest geek badges. Having spent waaaayy too much time playing some of the flash games (c'mon Trogdor people) made this newest Wii announcement seem like a dream come true!
Here's a Gamasutra post with some details. We're not talking just a mini-game here this time!"

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Comment: Re:Zune does not suck (Score 1) 407

by varistderreindfleisc (#21547781) Attached to: Heavily Discounted Zune Outpacing iPod Sales
I bought one the other day mostly out of spite towards Apple's general BS and so far am enjoying the heck out of it. Of course I wouldn't have touched it with a ten foot pole if a) it wasn't 99 dollars or b) I hadn't ripped my 14000 songs as mp3s so I could use them with any player. The built in radio sounds tunes in the local stations very well. I don't like the software interface but it is definitely easy enough. I am at the same time frightened and interested in the possibilities of my microsoft identity remaining the same across platforms. I had no idea my XBOX live tag would be my zune username as well. So now people can see that I not only play crappy games but listen to crappy music.
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+ - "Eve-Online Dying" Article->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "This article has insider information about popular MMO Eve-Online's issues with customer service, growing server loads, and dropping subscriber numbers. It's a fascinating read that might not bring much new information to most Eve players — but it's the first time, to my knowledge, that it's been published outright and confirmed by GM sources rather than merely speculated upon. Full Eve-Online Article "
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Comment: In Other News (Score 5, Funny) 253

by Stevecat (#20531397) Attached to: Underground Mac Community Foils a Coup
SmR writes
"In an attempted anthill coup that would not have been out of place in a tragic Discovery Channel special, the red ants in my backyard, owners of one of the largest anthills underground in my backyard, were doused with gasoline this weekend after it was discovered that a faction of the worker ants were plotting a coup. The plans included an unprecedented and sneaky incursion into my kitchen trash containing an old big Mac, cereal, and tasty junk. In an unexpected move I placed some honey-soaked borax in their trail and the poison infiltrated into the highest levels of their underground empire. Then dousing thier anthill with gasoline I ended their reign of almost two years, and thus they were foiled before my wife got home."

Honestly, I think my story is more interesting.


+ - Who is the Idiot

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Just wondering. WHO IS THE IDIOT ? Me ? or the ??? who designed the Office 2007 "ribbon interface". I have been trying to locate "Save As" for the last 20 minutes.... Bill ??? I know you might be too competitive but not that dumb ... where the heck were you when they were designing that idiotic interface ???"

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