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Comment: Re:Picasso (Score 1) 360

by SteveDorries (#46154353) Attached to: Why Games Should Be In the Public Domain
That seems like something a TRADEmark would be better suited for. Trademarks are so people don't get confused about who made what. That's how you know the difference between a RHEL box and a CENTOS box, the code is 100% identical, but the TMs are entirely different. If there were no copyright, you still wouldn't be able to pass off a copied work as your own original creation, that would be fraud. Fraud is illegal because it actually does cause a harm to a real person, you've sold someone something, they think they have something else. This is a harm.

Comment: Re:Can someone explain (Score 5, Informative) 418

Because they didn't buy a show, they bought a license to stream it. That license they purchased was not irrevocable, it was revocable. This is the reason that I will never "purchase" a show or movie unless I have the right to make a personal hard-copy of it for backup purposes.

+ - 'Rat Island' Gets A Makeover->

Submitted by minty3
minty3 (2942557) writes "The Alaskan island formerly known as Rat Island, now named Hawadax Island, has successfully eradicated the invasive Norway rats after a five-year conservation effort, the Associated Press reports.

"We set the island back on its course to being a normal, productive and noisy island full of bird life," Randy Hagenstein, Alaska state director for The Nature Conservancy, said."

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+ - How I compiled TrueCrypt for Windows and matched the official binaries-> 1

Submitted by xavier2dc
xavier2dc (3408341) writes "TrueCrypt is a popular software enabling data protection by means of encryption for all categories of users. It is getting even more attention lately following the revelations of the NSA as the authors remain anonymous and no thorough security audit have yet been conducted to prove it is not backdoored in any way. This has led several concerns raised in different places, such as this blog post (, this one (, this security analysis ( also related on that blog post ( from which the IsTrueCryptAuditedYet? ( was born.

One of the recurring questions is: What if the binaries provided on the website were different than the source code and they included hidden features? To address this issue, I built the software from the official sources in a careful way and was able to match the officials binaries. According to my findings, all three recent major versions (v7.1a, v7.0a, v6.3a) exactly match the sources."

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+ - GOP brings in expert to look at>

Submitted by DesertBlade
DesertBlade (741219) writes "The GOP have reached out for expertise on the problems on Their person of choice, is the equally unique McAfee, from the antivirus make, Belize murder, laying low in Portland fame. While I agree the site was overpriced for what we received, but is McAfee is the right expert to handle brief Republicans on the issues?"
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Comment: Re:licensing (Score 1) 429

by SteveDorries (#45191037) Attached to: DHHS Preparing 'Tech Surge' To Fix Remaining Issues
I think they would be, but maybe not, I'm not sure if "Sovereign Immunity" applies in this case. Then again, who built the site, actual honest to God U.S. of A. government employees, or did DHHS hand a fist full of cash to some random company and tell them to make it work? If it's the first, who really cares none of that has a copyright restriction to begin with, if it was a contractor it's their fault they need to comply with the license and are the ones to go after.

+ - openSUSE Summit 2013 is coming soon!->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The openSUSE Summit will be held November 15-17, 2013 in beautiful sunny (we hope!) Florida. Disney's Coronado Springs Resort will welcome all Geekos to this year's event. At the Disney Resort you are located right next door to one of the greatest attractions in Orlando. But Orlando has more to offer than just Disney World, it is also home to Sea World, Universal Studios and the Kenedy Space Center is only about 60 miles away."
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