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Comment: Re:It's a TRAP! (Score 2) 175

by Steve B (#47630105) Attached to: Yahoo To Add PGP Encryption For Email

webmail kinda implies that the provider will either be storing the key or at the very least be able to access it

Obviously they need access to the PUBLIC keys in order to encrypt messages to the designated recipient. The whole point of public-key cryptography is that revealing the public key doesn't compromise security.

+ - Kansas drops plan for municipal broadband ban->

Submitted by Mokurai
Mokurai (458416) writes ""Facing public backlash over a Senate bill that would outlaw community broadband services statewide, Sen. Julia Lynn, R-Olathe, announced on Monday the postponement of hearings set to take place this week. Senate Bill 304 would prohibit cities and counties from building public broadband networks."

The bill was reportedly "introduced by John Federico, a cable industry lobbyist."

I didn't see this on SlashDot when it was introduced, but the Internet definitely responded to the threat of damage."

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Comment: The "Known Reserves" Fallacy (Score 1) 1108

by Steve B (#26885271) Attached to: Why Sustainable Power Is Unsustainable

If the companies that sell X have access to a 15-year supply, they aren't going to spend money looking for more. As a result, anybody who looks at known reserves and doesn't understand the reality described in the previous sentence is going to run around yelling "ONOZ WE'RE GONNA RUN OUT OF X IN 15 YEARS OMG!!!1!"

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