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Comment Multiple layers? (Score 0) 89

Are they already designed using multiple layers? I'm no photovoltaics expert, but with 20% efficiency per layer couldn't they combine 5 layers to achieve "100% efficiency" per window? Seems like with enough windows a building could theoretically get all of its power from solar - at least on sunny days.

Comment Wait for HDR (Score 4, Interesting) 330

Don't buy one now. High-dynamic-range television is coming, and a consortium of TV suppliers was announced at COMDEX recently. They will work together on coming up with a single standard for HDR. Netflix has also promised to deliver HDR content by year's end. It would be silly to buy a 4K panel that can only process rec-709 now when HDR is right around the corner.

Comment Re:the good old days... (Score 4, Interesting) 784

We lived on a mountain in Virginia. When I was in second grade the neighbor kid and I would go hiking up the mountain, following streams and looking for waterfalls. I remember one waterfall we found, probably 70 feet high. We found a way to climb up the sides, got to the top, and found these big boulders. We'd roll the boulders off the top of the fall and listen to them crack on the rocks far below. We'd be out doing that all day long.
Later we moved to a lake and I would just disappear for the day exploring the surrounding are. This was life in the country.

Comment Gotten out of hand (Score 1) 78

I recently got two take-down requests for two videos I put up on YouTube. They were both trade-show demo reel videos that I helped produce showing post-produced results in television shows and movies from software I wrote. These videos were 20 years old, but I thought it would be good to preserve them.

Paramount wanted one taken down for a 2-second clip from a Paramount movie. Someone else wanted the other taken down because I guess they owned the copyright on the music we had bought to accompany the video.

One could argue that putting these videos up was entirely fair use but I didn't argue at all and just yanked them. Not worth it.

Comment Re:one of a kind (Score 1) 641

One area where the C++ compiler optimizer excels is in the template compiler. When using templates, the compiler is free to inline pretty much anything, and if you have a deep enough template call tree, it can boil the code down into extremely tight instructions.

Comment Re:one of a kind (Score 1) 641

C++ doesn't "simply have too much overhead". Most C++ features compile down to the equivalent, or faster (sometimes much faster), C code. C++ being "slow" or having "overhead" is a common misconception, and quite possibly the worst argument against using C++.

Honestly, pretty much all of the "real" arguments I've seen against using C++ boil down to either "I don't understand it" or "I don't like it" or "why would anyone need anything other than JavaScript?". These are hardly faults of C++.

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