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Comment Re:Explain the fucking acronyms in the summary! (Score 1) 88

Yes, it's nice that if you click the links, you might get some clue what the article's about - what's important is that the summary tell whether you'd be interested in reading it or not. In this case, the summary did a fine job, at least if you know what a Raspberry Pi is - it said this was about tracking helicopter movements at the Davos shindig using a $20 $FOO, a Raspberry Pi, and a $BAR-flavored antenna, so you know it's generally hardware things that might have to do with radio. It didn't say how much of the article would be about the technical nits of how they did it, and how much would be about what they found out about all the rich folks showing up at the shindig, and how much it would be about the social aspects of using cheap hardware to track things about people that used to be harder to track, but if any of them motivates you it ended up being at least slightly relevant.

Comment Re:Assumes it ever lived (Score 2) 455

While I agree that emulating the parts of the iOS ecosystem that we all hate (the walled garden, and the over-dependence on for-rent services) was their biggest mistake, I just don't have the same loathing for Microsoft as I do for Apple. Apple innovated the walled garden model, and got millions of fanbois to promote it. Apple is like an abusive spouse, constantly telling their users they're too damn stupid to own anything as cool as their gear; and yet those people are grateful. Apple is straight up evil.

Microsoft just copied everything Apple did, stupidly hoping they'd stumble upon some magical formula for success. But it always seemed like somewhere deep inside Microsoft there was a tension caused by really talented people who knew the whole Apple idea was evil, and were trying to do the right thing. So I can't hate them as much.

Comment Re:For once I feel good (Score 1) 125

I've been to 38 states and 13 countries, the only other major city I'd want to live in is Chicago. Unless I happened to land a job near a L stop my commute would be worse than what I currently have here and that would still require me to give up my one acre lot with one neighbor (my other neighbors are a horse farm, working farm, and a half mile long driveway). The single downside is the cold during the winter but the upshot is we have actual seasons.

Comment For once I feel good (Score 1) 125

For once I feel good about one of these reports. I'd need 50% more to have the same standard of living in SF as here in Cleveland but I'm at 10% above the High range for my position in that market. That means I'm effectively making 155% of the max range, add to that the 7.5% retirement give plus 2-3% 401k match and the package at the new place is looking really, really good.

Comment Re: Think? (Score 1) 521

Dude, what kind of rinky dink operation are you working with that tech support closes at 5PM? It must be some single man WISP because even the small dialup ISP I started with in 1993 had 24x7 phone support. It is likely that the lineman who can fix a physical plant problem has limited hours for residential customers, but troubleshooting and diagnosis that could pinpoint an oversubscribed POP should be available around the clock. The idea that you're going to get a 100% commit rate circuit for $30-50/month is insane. The reality is that for most people ISPs do a fine job of keeping speeds in the usable range damn near 100% of the time, see the FCC 2015 broadband report if you don't believe me. The only consistently bad ISPs are Frontier, Windstream, and Century Link (I had forgotten the third, though there results prior to 2015 were somewhat better). Peak vs offpeak had little impact on the ratio of advertised to achieved bandwidth which means oversubscription was a non-factor.

(as an amusing aside the fiber plant that Frontier bought from Verizon shows significantly better results in the 80/80 test than the plant that Verizon kept, I wonder if they just never updated their advertised speeds or if they're actually managing it better than Verizon)

Comment Re: Think? (Score 1) 521

I'm sorry but that is pure BS, at my previous job we had hundreds of locations all over the US and Puerto Rico and the number of places that couldn't reach 80+% of their rated download speed 90+% of the time could be measured on one hand and most of those could be fixed with a call to tech support or harassing our account exec. The only unfixable locations I can remember were Frontier or Windstream DSL connections in locations with no alternatives so those bottom suckers didn't give a damn. This covers the period 2005-2015 so most of the period of widespread broadband in the US. Oversubscription just wasn't a meaningful problem in almost every instance.

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