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Comment: Re:So, when has this not been true? (Score 1) 608

by StatureOfLiberty (#49725589) Attached to: The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties

It's easier to be liberal when you're young and have little to conserve.

Of course, it is also easy to be conservative when the only thing you have to conserve is critical thinking and empathy.

And also of course, people refuse to understand that when it comes to running the country, the two major parties do not really differ that much. What is different is how they keep everyone distracted from their primary agenda. They are after all being fed by the same hand. Neither will bite the hand that feeds them.

Conservative and Liberal are meaningless labels.

Comment: Re:Not for animals or locations (Score 1) 186

I'm wondering what the pharmaceutical marketing firms are going to do now.
All of the good made up names are going to be taken by diseases.
If this had happened a few years ago "I'm down with Crestor" could have had an entirely different meaning.

To me this all seems a bit too much. Some day we'll hear:
"We were going to name our child "Henry" but we didn't want everyone thinking of Henry the Eighth. So we named him "Frienworthy" instead. "Familient" and "Intellus" were others we considered.

"Moon Unit" would sound quaint by comparison.

+ - U.S. appeals court says NSA phone surveillance is not authorized by Congress

Submitted by IronOxen
IronOxen writes: A panel of three federal judges for the second circuit overturned an earlier ruling. The court has ruled that the bulk collection of telephone metadata is unlawful, in a landmark decision that clears the way for a full legal challenge against the National Security Agency. “We hold that the text of section 215 cannot bear the weight the government asks us to assign to it, and that it does not authorize the telephone metadata program,” concluded their judgement.

Comment: Re:You no longer own a car (Score 1) 649

by StatureOfLiberty (#49518381) Attached to: Automakers To Gearheads: Stop Repairing Cars

Trusted garages are around and they are great. We have a spectacular one in Charlotte, NC that works on Hondas only unfortunately.

Otherwise, I've seen it both ways.

I was getting my car serviced by a small shop and was told I had a headlight out. So, I told him to go ahead and change it out. He could not figure out how to pull off the rubber seal on the back of the assembly. So, he just cut it off. I found out later when I saw moisture getting into my headlight. I've never seen boneheaded stuff like this from my dealer.

I own 3 Toyotas now. Dealer service has been spectacular. Plus the cars are so darn reliable, that they don't need much in the way of repairs. A friend was complaining about how expensive it was to change the oil on her Prius. A small shop was changing her oil every 5K. The dealer only changes it every 10K. So, just that alone would save her money. (Plus, the small shop was charging way too much).

I ended up buying my tires at the dealer as well. When they have their buy 3 get 1 sales the prices are reasonable. Now, it is not unusual for me to pick up the car and there is no charge for service. In those cases, the only real labor involved was rotating the tires and they rotate them for free if you bought them at the dealership.

You do have to watch them though. On a Honda minivan I recently had, the AC broke. They were going to have me replace a $500 computer and I figured out that the problem was a $29 part.

It is clear that people who don't understand car maintenance are at a huge disadvantage.

Comment: Re:My issue with password restrictions (Score 1) 159

What I hate is when they won't let you paste text into the password field. I use a password database and all of my passwords are random and long. They are hell to enter manually. So I end up putting in a less secure password because it is easier to type.

Comment: Re:Golden Oldie (Score 1) 249

by StatureOfLiberty (#49046785) Attached to: How good is your audio equipment?

I used to sell Vector Research gear for Custom Hi-Fi in San Antonio, TX. This was in the early 80s. I had a VR-7000 and later I bought the VRX-9000 and a VCX-800. (Earlier I was thinking 5000 and 7000 but I looked them up and it was 7000 and 9000). The 9000 and the VCX-800 were both very impressive.

I could kick myself for getting rid of the VRX-9000. The cassette deck was replaced with a Teac C3-RX which was one of their their high end Teac line decks (the C4 was the other).

The C3-RX looked like the Tascam commercial decks. It was the best cassette deck I ever owned. I'd go into high end stereo shops and they'd have something like a Nakamichi Dragon. I'd throw in one of my tapes I recorded on the Teac and inevitably the first question out of their mouth was what was that recorded on? It had DBX too. But since it was not widely adopted it didn't get used much. Also DBX was brutal when there was a dropout in the tape.

I still have the C3-RX but sadly it no longer works. So, I'm using a Denon 3 head in its place.

Best wishes,


Comment: Golden Oldie (Score 2) 249

by StatureOfLiberty (#49025223) Attached to: How good is your audio equipment?
  • Harmon Kardon 730 - Probably made when I was in high school (1979)
  • 2 - Polk Audio Monitor 5b speakers (Early 1980s)
  • Dual CS-2235Q Turntable (early 80's I think)
  • Denon 3 Head Cassette Deck

Linked to my computer so I can listen to digitized media.

I got tired of replacing modern receivers that broke after two or three years of use (1 Yamaha, 1 Pioneer, 1 Denon). So, I picked up an old Harmon Kardon receiver on E-Bay. The Harmon Kardon sounds much better than the newer ones ever did.

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