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  • ... Fox is known for canceling good programs; they wouldn't want to let you down. Just wait they'll cancel House and/or Fringe any day now as well.
    • Nah gah happen.

      House is a ratings juggernaut, even in its sixth season, and Fringe is doing well enough that it competes solidly on thursday nights. Don't forget, too, that it's a kissing cousin to Lost, so you know there's a bunch of Fox execs gleefully rubbing their thighs together in anticipation of years of awards, hipster recognition and fabulous ad sales to look forward to.
    • by Abm0raz (668337) *

      I've never fell in love with any Joss stuff. I watched the first 4 episodes of Dollhouse and was unimpressed.

      You're right on the cancellations though:
            Arrested Development
            Family Guy
            That 70's Show
            New Amsterdam
            King of the Hill
            Sarah Conner Chronicles

      Still not as bad as ABC canceling Pushing Daisies.

  • Just watched Epitaph One last night and it rocked!.

    Oh well.

Nothing happens.