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I read this as, "do you trust Microsoft to be producing and supporting the Windows desktop platform and DirectX?" We have reports of falling PC sales, don't you think Microsoft is going to be looking elsewhere? Microsoft closed the Aces studio, and sold off its assets for Microsoft Flight Simulator to Lockheed Martin, one foray into PC gaming was with Microsoft Flight which ended in disaster, so I would expect MS to be spending more and more time with Xbox and much less time on bothering with the PC market, indeed the Microsoft Store seems to heavily favour Xbox. I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped work on DirectX as we know it and shift the development to support the mobile/Xbox market. It is business, pure and simple...

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Elite: Dangerous is going to be dark horse, plus Notch backed the project from the start and will be in the Alpha, finally Frontier do not seem to be doing as much marketing as SC, yet don't seem to be hurting financially (maybe cheaper labour around Cambridge? Coupled with the IPO?).

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by StarTuxia (#43408251) Attached to: NVIDIA Releases Optimus Linux Driver With New Features
Yes, and with Unity game engine doing well and likewise the amount of new titles from well known developers, especially those on Kickstarter who are making games for Linux things are looking better than ever. But, to be honest the biggest issue generally I have with Linux has the been the audio, for example when installing the Nvidia proprietary driver it "activates" the modules needed for HDMI and is a bit of a pain to work-around through blacklisting/kernel recompile if you're using the card through DVI and a separate audio card.

+ - Patent Troll Stikes Back: X-Plane on Android hit by Uniloc lawuit->

Submitted by StarTuxia
StarTuxia (2767965) writes "Austin Meyer, developer of the successful multi-platform simulation X-Plane hit by a lawsuit from a patent troll, and instead of sitting back and paying up he has decided to fight and has also setup a petition on the US government website and it needs signatures."
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+ - The technology to fake the NASA Apollo moon landings did not exist in 1969-> 2

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MarkWhittington writes "The notion that the Apollo moon landings were faked is one of the more pernicious conspiracy theories, suggesting that the greatest technological feat in human history was done in a movie studio, probably by the late Stanley Kubrick. The theory has been debunked by everyone from the Mythbusters to actual photographic evidence.

Now a Jan 18, 2013 piece by Gizmodo, along with a video, proves once and for all and for all time that the Apollo moon landings really happened. The reason is that while the technology to send men to the moon certainly existed in 1969, the technology to fake video footage of them doing so did not exist."

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+ - Elite: Dangerous passes £1 million in funding, Mac stretch goal announced.->

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StarTuxia (2767965) writes "The project announced Mac as a stretch goal at £1.4 million in funding, also of interest to Linux users is this quote from the producer, "Linus remains a possibility, but demand for the Mac version has far exceeded that for Linux,so it makes sense for us to support that first. Michael" I have kept his obvious typo :). If you want this on Mac, then help to raise it to funding, and likewise as a Linux user I would ask for the Linux version as I doubt the Linux communities voice has been heard too."
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+ - NASA unveils ebooks on Hubble, Webb Telescopes->

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SternisheFan (2529412) writes "NASA has just released two free e-books about the Hubble Space Telescope and its not-yet-launched successor, with interactive features that let readers watch a galaxy collision or manipulate a telescope model between pages, agency officials say.

  The Hubble Space Telescope launched in 1990 and has a mission lifetime through at least 2013. The space-based observatory has supplied some of the most dazzling visible-light images of distant cosmic objects, which are featured.
  The James Webb Space Telescope, which will be almost three times the size of Hubble, has been designed to work best at infrared wavelengths in order to study the very distant universe, looking for the first stars and galaxies that ever emerged. The e-book, "Webb Space Telescope: Science Guide," explains the technology behind the mission, which is slated to launch in 2018.

  "These new e-books from NASA will allow people to discover Hubble and Webb in a whole new way — both the science and the technology behind building them," Amber Straughn, an astrophysicist on the Webb telescope project at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., said in a statement. "They collect all of the amazing resources about these two observatories in an excellent product that I think people will really enjoy."

  The ebooks are available at the Apple iBookstore or can be downloaded as a PDF here:"

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I backed both, and interestingly Chris Roberts has also backed Elite and has said he is looking forward to playing in the Alpha and likewise David Braben has said he is looking forward to playing Star Citizen, with such great camaraderie between groups within the same genre I do hope people find it inspiring . Elite cannot use the Crysis 2 engine due to what they intend to do with ED, which is to push what Frontier did much further along. Frontier had the entire Milky Way procedurally seeded onto a single 720K floppy disk, and that wasn't all, you could seamlessly land and take off from them, so with E:D he intends to push this further. We're hoping for a video soon of this, but he has heavily implied this will be the case with E:D when he talks of atmosphere (and shows the clouds) and then of what he could do with the surface. This is the latest video on how the Galaxy (The Milky Way, all 200 billion stars) will evolve over time (not the way I thought he meant, rather it seems to do with space stations, resources etc, fascinating stuff mind you): For SC I got the Orion 300i and the M-50, hope to see you on both though, they are both quite distinctly different and the genre as a whole needs both of them to really make 2014 special and may I say it? Drive innovation.

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Unfortunately publishers tend not to favor innovation, they are purely a business in it for the money, so what Braben interestingly states occurring back in 1984 still holds true today as he mentions in the article. Lets not also forget the publisher Gametek really screwed them over with an early release of Frontier, in fact David Braben won an out of court settlement against Gametek back in 1999, so its no wonder he is extra skeptical about using them, plus they tend to have a lot of control over how the project is run and what the contents will be. In other words, a 100 or so star systems and instead of seamless planetary landings you'll get cut scenes.

+ - KickStarter: Elite:Dangerous hits the 50% mark->

Submitted by StarTuxia
StarTuxia (2767965) writes "Normally wouldn't bother with a 50% mark, but Elite: Dangerous reached this milestone a few hours early due to another Kickstarter reaching its target early, namely a Kickstarter novella called Reclamation: and also there is a lot of British humor with this project such as a picture currently on eBay (read the Q&A section): An excellent interview with David Braben here:"
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