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Comment: I don't think he should have got 41 months (Score 1) 147

by Stan92057 (#46729285) Attached to: 'weev' Conviction Vacated
I don't think he should have got 41 months...that said he should get a hefty fine,community service. ATT should also receive a fine since they made the mistake of having the thing public when it shouldn't have been. It the kid a criminal i don't think so but he sure is an punk asshole jerk that took advantage of a mistake. You apologist need to rethink your values there was NO reason for the jackass to publish Innocent victims personal information. That is sticking to it.

Comment: Re:Someone will make money (Score 3, Interesting) 198

by Stan92057 (#46594549) Attached to: Russian Officials Dump iPads For Samsung Tablets Over Spy Fears
But..why should we trust them? we already know if its made by an American company the US government will force them to make a hole....or... collect the data for the Government? Just saying... And lets say an Mexico software company made the software what guarantees the Mexican government didn't force the company to collect data, for the Mexican Government??

Comment: Re:One side of the story (Score 1) 710

Here more data you can swish around that women hating mind of yours.

You can choose to ignore the facts because well they just don't fit you needs so you will troll around making excuses for not backing up your assertions for what ever bullshit reason? Get shot down too many times by pretty women? Ugly women?? cant be an asshole with out getting into trouble?? what is your problem son. If ya cant give me proof of your claims troll someone else.
there's like 50 more pages of duckduckgo results,i havent even tried google yet.

Comment: Re:One side of the story (Score 1) 710

Both support what is a commonly know fact.Women are harassed far more then anyone else in the workplaces. Wheres YOUR citations proving me wrong.?Your comment is only that a comment with no proof so [Citations please] I knew no matter what i provided it wasn't going to be good enough for you

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