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Comment Re:Happily married? (Score 1) 286

Well im disappointed, i thought you were smarter. This is what i commented on

That being said, reality is more complicated than so many people here imply.

and mentally challenged? ..why so oh wait if you disagree with someone you call names or question thir mental state. Don't know how that can be unless you have hard facts viewing porn without your partners OK isn't cheating or ?

Comment Re:Happily married? (Score 2) 286

I'll go on record saying that I have never cheated on anyone. That being said, reality is more complicated than so many people here imply.

either you cheated or you didn't. FYI online affairs of the heart IS cheating. online webcaming and showing body parts IS cheating. And yes Viewing porn while married is cheating, Anything your wife is unaware of involving another women is cheating. Funny how people make excuses for what they do to make it ok to themselves.

Comment Ask a lawyer (Score 1) 212

Ask a lawyer,not us armchair lawyers. BUT IMO as an armchair lawyer,Superman maybe still under copyright he is still being ..used so to speak.. Its a damn good question that really don't have a real answer unless you go to court that is unfortunate. What is questionable is why is google asking this? I though Google/ANY web site owner was NOT legally required/responsable to police any laws,copyrights. Are they not soposta act on complaints? If they now start to police then are they not making a president if they DON'T?

Comment Re:It's Not About Porn (Score -1, Troll) 231

You can't keep kids from seeing porn

. Bullshit yes you can. i remember the day without the internet you couldn't just buy porn, you just couldn't see porn. Porn was not free to everyone you had to pay for it. You wanted Porn you had to prove your age in the book stores that carried it. Not only that, but the covers are covered in a brown wrapper in non adult book stores. So don't say you cant stop children from viewing porn that's for stinking lazy parents and pornographers/businessmen who don't give a damn who see it or who buys it. What your worried about is loosing you free porn that's all you care about. Place the problem their is today on pornographers who create spam with porn images laced in them not caring who get it. Blame the pornographer who creates web sites of poplar stuff like whitehouse or put in a dot whatever it takes. So you want to blame someone, blame them they created this but being lazy greedy and scummy. Forced the use of the XXX domain make tools for those who don't want to see porn. Its about choices not your right to rub one out.

Comment Just a though but for you cord cutters (Score 1) 319

Just a though but for you cord cutters where are you going to get you content if cable goes away. No ads??lol they are coming? paying for content you will never watch?your doing it now but it will be a ton more. whats your thoughts? Remember HBO and MTV both WERE ad free......

Comment Re:It's 2015! Almost 2016! Wtf! (Score 4, Insightful) 515

If i can use all my Windows programs without having to use some convoluted whatever so i can run them sure i will switch. Nothing Linux makes comes close to what is available to windows users. I want my OS to do the work, i don't have the time nor want too nor should I. That,s what a stinking computer is saposta do right? Take all the hard stuff and make it easy. You want to fiddle with your OS? more power to you. But me and a few billion others just don't want too. That,s why Linix is not popular, that's why Linux lost the Desktop OS wars. Ya telling user don't like it??change it yourself looser is going to make a ton of converts right? I hate windows 8 and 10 but i will never switch to an OS that cant even run my programs kinda ok. Gold?silver?Bronze? lol

Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 2) 62


Nudity or sexual content YouTube is not for pornography or sexually explicit content. If this describes your video, even if it's a video of yourself, don't post it on YouTube. Also, be advised that we work closely with law enforcement and we report child exploitation. Learn more"

End Quote
seems to be pretty clear to me

Comment Re:What's the differenece between this and ublock? (Score 1) 136

No i disagree its not. Tell me just what i should choose? And no the default option isn't and doesn't always remove what you want sometimes they keep coming back even after choosing the default option to block.Their is no way to report unbockable items, no way to report unblocked popups and so on. Sometime it blocks the whole site by accident why would a casual user know what to do to fix it except to uninstall it. What would a casual user do when given the below options?

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