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Comment: Re:So let me get this straight (Score 0) 686

by Stan92057 (#49537041) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden
I do understand what your saying. I,m no Snowden hater but consider this, what IF he followed proper channels and allowed the process to either work or fail. He could still have came out to the public I think the people who don't like him see he never gave the process good or bad to work.I don't think hes a criminal but he should have let the process work.

Comment: Re:This, if true, will utterly destroy (Score 4, Insightful) 279

Your talking about racism, this article is about internet trolls They are not the same. A person with a different view is not a troll. A person with a different opinion then you is not a troll. Ive been tagged a troll because of my views a few times.Many here will post as anomoue because they know there opinions will be viewed and tagged as a troll.

Comment: Bad Vs Good (Score 1) 35

Tor, where Hidden Services are protected by the privacy-enhancing, encrypted hosting, often for good, often for bad

I don't believe that statement one tiny little bit. i believe the bad by huge wide margin use it then the good. I think we shouldn't kid ourselfs by making sugar coated excuses. But im not saying oh we should stop the use of tor no we shouldnt because our govermets have proven they are by a huge margin untrustable scared Corporate tit suckers.

Comment: i don't have a lot of faith (Score 1) 407

About time , How it all works out i don't have a lot of faith. The Corporate Tit is very bloated with cash our Political hopefuls have to suck from to get elected and to help them stay elected. Sorry any faith i had vanished when My country borrowed billion from China for Corporate Americas failure.

Comment: As a consumer Ive already decided (Score 1) 126

by Stan92057 (#49448311) Attached to: Amazon Sues To Block Fake Reviews
As a consumer Ive already decided which product I'm going to buy. I done the research long before i have decided WHO I,m going to buy it from. Those are the reviews i look, for reviews of the business.Do they ship in a timely manner? if there's something wrong with the product did they take care of the problem without hassles? those are the reviews that are important to me.

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.