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True. Friends of mine were warned specifically that asking too many questions in business meetings in the USA means you are critical of their ideas. In fact, that you are critical in the sense that you disapprove. While over here, asking questions means that you are interested and engaged - if you aren't asking questions people think you don't care.

After a good friend of mine asked too many questions again, they dropped his invitation for a guided tour. When he related this to his manager, the manager sent him to a course on multicultural trade relations :) Anyway, the US came up specifically in that course and this was one of the pitfalls. But it really says a lot about a culture when asking questions means that you disapprove. It must be hellish to be an intellectual kid in a US high school.

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Oh yeah, the "I changed nothing" mantra.

I once had a sysadmin tell me the same thing. After a few minutes of diverting his attention to other subjects I just asked him, in the same tone of voice, to also tell me what he changed yesterday. It was a very short but interesting list (antivirus and a few untested patches). It took him a few seconds after I stayed quiet to realize what he had just said :)

Nowadays, if something falls over and they tell me "nothing changed" I just laugh at them.

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Mussolini created modern fascism, but his definition was both stupid and misleading. First, in any modern state government will always be intertwined with corporations because the state is the executive committee of the biggest corporations. That's not fascism, that's just capitalism working as intended. It becomes fascism when it removes all opposition, eliminating them first from the streets and then physically. And even then there are a few distinctions between just murderously oppressive states and fascist states.

Taking money from the people and putting it in the pockets of the elite just because they're strong is fascism

We take from the average to give to the rich because of some patriotic vision of manifest destiny, that's fascism.

You're pretty creative with your definitions of fascism. You may not like these things (and neither do I) but calling everything you dislike "fascist" is the old trap the Left fell in, in the seventies. It didn't work out all that well. It's also an argument used by entrepreneurs to defend themselves whenever their compatriots plunder the locals. "Oh, it's fascism, really it is! But it's not us doing it, we're allright" (the No True Scotsman argument in reverse).

You also trip lightly over the consequences of your words. If it were fascism, then we would have to take up arms and kill them, to avoid being killed ourselves. Well, that attitude recently got us a few political murders. A heaven-sent gift for the hawks advocating repression and horribly counterproductive. And if that isn't the consequence of something being fascism, then what's your plan of action? Petition them? Ask them nicely?

To summarize: you haven't a clue what fascism is. It's not people being "not nice" to others. It's about the physical destruction of a large part of the majority of the population, mainly aimed at their organisations and their organisers. It means bodies lying in the streets, knocks on the door at 4am, death squads and all that crap. It means that anyone suspected of being different is imprisoned, killed or terrorized into hiding.

Comparing that to "Elon Musk gets money from the government so we're living in fascism" is silly.

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Corporations and government combined is the definition of fascism according to Mussolini.

Since when did Mussolini have a valid opinion on anything? He was spouting propaganda, not delivering a scientific argument. As for writing a check to Elon Musk: are you implying that any government buying a service from a private company is a fascist state? Because I don't think you and I have the same definition of fascism in that case.

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Okay, it's not as bad as I first assumed. It still looks to be pretty difficult to get a license if you didn't study and graduate and worked in the USA for at least a decade though. Still... locally, I don't know any profession that has this type of regulations. And we have less bridges collapsing or buildings falling over than the USA. So I'm still wondering what the regulation is meant to do, apart from limiting the number of PE's, or software engineers, that can apply for certain lucrative jobs.

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For a standard car maker, the dealers would have a wholesale price. This would mean about a 10-20% margin on the car at retail if the car had to be sold at low price in order to compete, or more if the care made a lof of money already. However, at best that just imburses the dealer for the time spent in the showroom, employees, marketing etc. - the bread, in other words. They really need the after sales for the butter.

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Another possible use that would be VERY helpful is if this would prevent the formation of hyperkeloid scar tissue. Not very life-threatening, but disfiguring, especially in the face.

Personally, if this really works in humans as well as it looks now, I wouldn't hesitate to nominate this team for a Nobel prize for medicine.

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10% growth won't be the norm in the near future because it's never been the norm, just a weird exception in some periods of intense growth. The average ROI over centuries is very very stable at 4%. This corresponds roughly to the price of houses.

I read an article today that explained that since 4% is higher than the average growthrate of economies, people having assets will tend to collect a larger and larger share from the GDP as opposed to just working for it. Hence the growing divide in society between people having money gathering more and more of it, and the rest gaining less and less.

Replace assets with capital and working for it with labour, and I think we're back at where Marx once started his analysis.

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Always ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

How often has that strategy ended in a geek pleading guilty to a felony charge?

I'd say that would be pretty much in every case forgiveness was not forthcoming. Several people in jail, some dead now. Yeah, the results of that type of INDIVIDUAL action aren't pretty...

However, one can seek publicity and organize. You can't jail 10.000 people out of hand (in the USA).

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