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Comment Re:Not JUST that it's Comcast... (Score 1) 235

Large ISP I know the internals of. One of the too many bosses complained: "The ideal scenario would be if our customers paid for our products and services regardless of whether they could get them to work" This company also had a concept of customer service being run as a company within an enterprise and selling their service, support, to another company that dealt with the products. This could lead to such interesting scenarios as Product developers refusing to tell tech support about features of product because they were afraid tech support would implement a competing product and sell it cheaper.. Everything tech support did was about costs, or more exactly, how to bring costs down. Support people were measured on number of calls answered, not solved. A person who replied to 50 mails during a shift even though his answers were pointless and caused customers to resubmit the question got a reward in the form of vacation while seniors in department were forced to work a weekend dealing with the aftermath, although they could get Product company to pay a compensation for upset customers issues.

Nintendo May Retire Game Boy Name 93

GameDaily is reporting on commentary from Nintendo of America's George Harrison, who essentially says the company will no longer be using the Game Boy brand. While at one point the DS was the 'third pillar' along with the Game Boy and the GameCube/Wii, the handheld has in recent years more than proven its worth. "This year in our marketing you really won't see much push against Game Boy itself, so it will kind of seek its own level. It's hard to say in the future if we will ever bring back the Game Boy trademark. It was a big risk for us to actually pass on it and call the new product the Nintendo DS, but it was part of Mr. Iwata's philosophy that if we're going to make a radical difference and try to reach a new audience, then we have to change the name ... We had to make a break even though we had one of the greatest trademarks in the history of the industry."

Feed Engadget: CE-Oh no he didn't, part XXXVIII: Peter Moore tells Sony it's failing->

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While Peter Moore wasn't exactly this forthright when chatting it up with us, it's not totally out of character for execs to lash out at rivals from time to time. In the latest chapter of CE-Oh no he didn't, we find Mr. Moore claiming that Sony's "long-term business plan of being successful in Japan is crumbling." Moreover, he continued to knock the PS3 by sidestepping questions of why the Xbox 360 has sold so miserably in the Land of the Rising Sun and suggested that Sony was the one that should be worried about "getting outsold six-to-one." As a finisher, Peter added that he had "built a business plan for Japan," and while sales have indeed been lackluster, he claimed that "Sony was missing its plan by much more" than he was missing his. Seriously, them's fightin' words there.

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The Almighty Buck

Submission What Would You Do With $10000? 8

An anonymous reader writes: I have a US$10000 certificate of deposit which has recently reached maturity. Having no immediate need for this money, I was wondering if Slashdot readers had any suggestions regarding how I could invest this money in order to get the best rates of return possible. I'm looking for something I can deposit this money into with a guaranteed relatively high rate of return. Any suggestions for this geek with newfound income?

NZ Outfit Dumps Open Office For MS Office 581

(Score.5, Interestin writes "The NZ Automobile Association has just announced that it is dropping Open Office and switching back to MS Office. According to their CIO, 'Microsoft Office is not any cheaper, but it was almost impossible to work out what open-source was actually costing because of issues such as incompatibility and training.' In addition, 'you have no idea where open-source products are going, whereas vendors like Microsoft provide a roadmap for the future.'" About 500 seats are involved. MS conceded to letting Office users run the software at home as well.

Submission For those that can't wait for Harry

Drivintin writes: is reporting that several sources are saying that an authentic copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" has hit the internet. Someone, maybe a hand model, has photographed every page of the much anticipated book and posted it on several torrent sites, notably Pirate Bay. It's not known who the source is or even if the book is truly genuine, but one clue that author JK Rowling gave was that "scar" would be the last word in the book. She later said it was changed to be one of the last words, and this copy of the book does have "scar" in the second to last sentence, the eleventh to last word.

Submission openMosix - Condition Terminal

jd writes: "Despite having one of the largest userbases of any clustering system for Linux, openMosix is to be shut down. Top developers have left and they lack the means or motivation to continue. Their official claim of multicore CPUs making clustering redundant is somewhere between highly improbable and totally absurd, as has been pointed out elsewhere.

Why is this shutdown so important? Well, from a technical standpoint, the open-source bproc (the Beowulf process migration module) is ancient, MOSIX is very hard to obtain unless you're a student and kerrighd is (as yet) immature. From a user standpoint, openMosix is the mainstay of the Open Source clustering world and has by far the best management tools of any. The ability of this project to continue will likely have a major impact on the future of Open Source in the high-end markets — if the best of the best couldn't survive, people will be more careful about anything less."

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