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Comment: Re:it has already gone wrong (Score 1) 142 142

I agree! I like to increase the text size so my elderly eyes can actually read the print....and as a result the last word or two of each of the headlines is now obstructed by the comments and (what is it?...the share button?)....Whoever is in charge of the UI could you please put things back to the way they were?!

Thank you from a long time member of the Slashdot community.

Comment: Too soon to tell? (Score 5, Insightful) 250 250

With the .NET platform now being available for cross platform development I can't see how there could be a decline in C#. It's only been about 6 months since MS offered .NET for other platforms I don't think that's enough time for any valid conclusions to be made. Wait another 6 months to a year and then take another look. I think we will see an increase in C#/.NET reflected in those numbers.


Comment: Holograms? (Score 1) 143 143

I'm surprised the equipment is not removed by the authorities. They won't let you assemble in person, but, they will let someone setup and run equipment for projecting 'holograms' on the premises? I'm surprised!

In my opinion, this looks like a great novel approach to giving people a way of making themselves 'heard' if you will without all of the problems usually associated with a large gathering of indignant/angry people.

It will be interesting to see if this becomes more widespread

Kudos to the "Holograms for Freedom" organisation for creating such a unique platform for expression.

Comment: Elderly Care Solution Maybe (Score 1) 327 327

I remember reading about a smartphone app. for people to monitor their elderly parents that would monitor an individual for being inactive for x amount of time and then sending a text to someone to check on them if x time elapsed. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the app.(I'm sure you can Google it) but it sounds like it might be a possible solution for you.

Good luck.


Comment: Re:Obama: please stop helping us! (Score 2) 417 417

What should be illegal is politicians taking large sums of money from these "lobbyists" and then creating/passing legislation that supports these "lobbyist's" goals. If the "lobbyists" are just "bending the ear" of their representative then why the monetary incentive? Shouldn't a logical and well thought out presentation of the idea that the "lobbyist" is putting forth be enough?

I know I'm being naive, but, politicians are supposed to do whats best for the people they represent, not what's best for whoever can pay them the most money!


Comment: In regard to (Score 1) 39 39

I'm not advocating that the bombs should be falling, however, if North Korea has been confirmed as being responsible for the attack on Sony and now appears to be making terroristic threats against American allies then why has there been no response from the U.S.? Sanctions or something!

A foreign nation has attacked a U.S. company on U.S. soil and has caused financial loss to that company and is threatening the lives of those associated with that company. Now, North Korea is making direct threats against the U.S. Is this not an act of War? Where is our response?

Comment: Re:Might be a lesson here for Linus Torvalds (Score 0) 355 355

I can't believe someone hasn't smashed Torvald's face in yet. Of course, as far as I've heard, he only makes these kinds of remarks remotely via email/mail lists and etc. If he had to be in the same room as some of the people he brutally attacks verbally in public I bet we would see a much more congenial Torvalds.

Comment: No free lunches though...... (Score 0) 171 171

Now instead of using all of that oil to produce the plastic for the bottles they will now have to use even more oil to run the electrical infrastructure to freeze the water before applying the edible membrane......(sigh).

Still.....if it gets rid of all of those damn bottles......

Comment: Interesting article..... (Score 0) 663 663

Glad I had my online dictionary handy! This article may have replaced my first cup of coffee.......

Why the hate? Can't people just point out inaccuracies and have reasonable debates without resorting to name calling and finger pointing?
Too abrasive for my tastes regardless of the content.....

Meh...I'm going back into my shell.....


+ - Blizzard set to debut "Something New" at PAX East->

skade88 writes: Ars is reporting that Blizzard will announce a new game on March 22, 2013 at PAX East. They say the new game is not a sequel or expansion. Blizzard is also saying the new game is not the long rumored MMO named Titan. Considering that every game Blizzard released since 1998 has had the name Starcraft, Warcraft or Diablo in it, this is big news. Ars speculates in the article that the new game could be Blizzard's version of a DOTA game. They showed off Blizzard All-Stars at BlizCon 2010 as a SC2 custom map. It could be ready for launch as its own stand alone game. I guess we will have to wait and see!
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