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Comment: Autonomous cars-a bad idea. (Score 1) 389

by Sqreater (#45234697) Attached to: Autonomous Cars Will Save Money and Lives
The daily social interaction we get across our society by driving will evaporate and with it the benefits of having to compromise with and even conspire with our fellow citizens to attain the common goal of achieving our destination safely. Autonomous vehicles will introduce a degree of separation and alienation to our society that we can only imagine today.

Comment: Horrible "life on Mars" (Score 1) 247

by Sqreater (#44968861) Attached to: Water Discovery Is Good News For Mars Colonists

At best "colonists" can expect to be mining dirt all day for their requirements for water. And why is it ok to strip the surface of Mars of its soil and process it but not the Earth? Aiding and abetting the idea that a "colony" on Mars has meaning is supporting a crime against humanity. Stop the breathless boosterism for (at best and if it is possible at all, which I doubt) a miserable existence on Mars. Would you send your great grandchildren to the Gobi desert to live and force them to mine dirt, leaving mountains of waterless dirt slag behind? Imposing human misery on others is immoral. Aiding and abetting suicide is immoral and illegal.

Comment: A couple of thoughts (Score 2) 110

by Sqreater (#44960163) Attached to: Existing Drugs Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs

Perhaps drug researchers can find a way to allow the original organism in some antibiotic sources, say penicillin mold, to react to the evolved bacterium, thus changing its antibacterial toxin naturally as it must have done for millions of years to keep ahead of whatever was trying to consume it. Could we let nature battle the evolving immunity issue naturally? Large tanks of naturally acquired, say penicillin mold again, with its natural genetic variations placed in close proximity to the antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

And, another thought: could drug companies herd the evolving drug resistant bacteria into a cul-de-sac where we are waiting for them by adding a "hook" of some kind to the antibiotic that they (the bacterium) would also change for - to their future disadvantage. We (humans) would be waiting with another antibiotic specifically formed to take advantage of that "hook."

Comment: Women must accept their place (Score 0) 478

by Sqreater (#44755681) Attached to: Schneier: We Need To Relearn How To Accept Risk

Women are more risk averse. And the growing gynocentrism of our society is the reason for greater and greater risk aversion. With the passage of the nineteenth amendment to the Constitution of the United States this greater risk aversion became far more important than it had ever been previously. As the political system readjusted itself to deal with "women's issues" we saw an increasing need to mitigate risks of all kinds. This became the "political correctness" that is eating our society alive right now. Today we must kiss the last boo-boo, save the last life, or we are inhuman male animals who don't care about others. Today we cannot say "leggo my eggo" when it comes to rights and freedoms if there is any pain or suffering to anyone (including ourselves) related to our exercise of a right or freedom. Rights and freedoms naturally cost us on a daily basis. They cost money, inconvenience, even life. And when women and feminish men control life beyond a certain unknowable point all our rights and freedoms will disappear into a black hole of hysterical concern for others. I feel we are approaching that point.

How do we once again accept risk enough to save our rights and freedoms and our ability to continue to grow and develop? We must re-male our society and government. How do we do that? We must re-visit the nice, but fatal nineteenth amendment to the Constitution that erroneously gave women an absolutely equal place in life in all things by force. We must not eliminate the female vote, but we must decrease its value with respect to the male vote. I suggest a female vote should not be greater that somewhere between .75 and .85 of a male vote in order to bring enough respect for risk back into our society. Unless we do this we can expect to continue our descent into fear, mediocrity and failure as a nation.

Comment: An immoral, even psychopathic goal (Score 1) 580

Attempts to "colonize" space are immoral and even psychopathic because they attempt to bring into existence (be born) human beings separated from the Earth regardless of the misery and suffering that would cause. We are not merely living on the Earth; we ARE the Earth. Four billion years of evolution have accomodated us to no other place in the universe. We are NOT Mars; we are NOT the Moon. We are the Earth and the Earth only. To use terms of colonization and movement created on the Earth for movement and resource utilization on the Earth that do not apply to space is to be intellectually dishonest because it refuses to acknowledge the glaring differences between the Earth and space and the planets. A colony is the expansion into unused resources of land, water, air, plant, mineral, and animal life. None of these things exist on Mars or the Moon. Thus, no colony is possible there. There isn't even a magnetosphere to protect people from the harmful effects of the Sun 's energetic particles that bathe them. Delusional attempts to "colonize" space are doomed to failure and because they deliberately attempt to harm masses of human "colonists" comprise a crime against humanity and a civil tort toward those deprived of their genetic legacy: the ability to live easily on the Earth. Neil deGrasse Tyson an others should stop supporting space for humans from childish enthusiasm and personal need. It is extremely immoral.

Comment: Suicidally changing military (Score 1) 270

by Sqreater (#44360795) Attached to: US Air Force Reporting Pilot Shortage
There's a lot of solid thinking about why this is happening, but let me point out that in the new gynocentrified military environment any position that stinks of too much testosterone is slated for elimination. If a pregnant young breeding age female cannot now do a military job it must be altered or done away with. The new feminish generals (generals who take on the female agenda and worldview to attain and retain their jobs) must strive to make it possible for an eight-months-pregnant female to "fly combat" from a plush chair in an airconditioned room thousands of miles from danger while drinking a Starbucks coffee and scarfing down bon bons. Never underestimate the power of the nineteenth amendment to destroy this country's ability to pursue and retain excellence in any area, including national defense.

Comment: What knowledge would you NOT pass on? (Score 1) 277

by Sqreater (#44186933) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Permanent Preservation of Human Knowledge?
What knowledge would you consider to be "not helpful" for future recovering populations? What would you delete from the human record of "achievement?" What would you censor? Political systems? Scientific knowledge? Technical designs? H.G. Wells "Time Machine" -- what book did he take back?

Comment: Gynocentrism (Score 1) 737

by Sqreater (#44021073) Attached to: Sexism Still a Problem At E3
Just another example of the assault across all subject areas on the legitimacy of maleness. Gaming is essentially childish. So why is making it "adult" and "professional" somehow a desireable goal? So large percentages of women buy games. What percentage of games are written by women? What percentage of SUCCESSFUL games are written by women? Which gender created the subject area in the first place? Who owns and mans the main players? Can't people see the pernicious effects of gynocentrifying our society, of elevating the female need, want, to paramount importance, to the standard by which all is measured? The destruction of maleness and male aggressive creativity does not serve us, women included.

Comment: The terrorism of Gynocentrism (Score 1) 1145

by Sqreater (#43244983) Attached to: SendGrid Fires Employee After Firestorm Over Inappropriate Jokes
I warn you, it can only get worse. Maleness is being redefined as pathological. The geek culture of males is no longer acceptible to females now that they are being forced into its ranks. Even the IEEE is thinking in terms of quotas. I saw an article on a woman engineer's dolls in a spectrum issue. Pathetic. The level of male aggressive creativity that has made us the technological driving force of the world will slow and stall finally under the onslaught of gynocentric special treatment and the forced imposition of female-friendly environments. Only males showing the proper genuflecting attitude toward females will be allowed into tech eventually, just as in the military now. You've been warned. How do you fight back and keep the male spirit alive? Exclude them deliberately from every private area of tech life that it is still legal to do so. Private, side meetings at tech conferences. Encryption to baffle the gynopolice. I'm not kidding. It is coming. It is here.

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