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Comment This same kind of effect (Score 4, Interesting) 298

This same kind of psychological effect came during the Vietnam war when soldiers would be fighting one day and a few days later, back home in the States. This created great stress on returning vets. The human mind is not made for such rapid context shifts. They don't often occur in nature. Television is doing it more, and more rapidly too. No wonder people are beginning to pull away.

Comment Wow, the PC nonsense goes on (Score 1) 185

If you have to help, encourage, hand-up, set aside jobs, reconstruct the work culture and environment for, women, then they just aren't motivated to do it, whatever it is, including tech. Women are half the population of the world and the species. You can't keep them from doing what they want to do. If they naturally do not want to do tech, leave it be. It is just the forcing, once again, of a secondary standard, a woman's standard, to primacy. All feminish men (men who accept the female worldview and agenda, even to the point of denying real differences) like Cook will accomplish is the destruction of male aggressive creativity in tech. This continuing war on males and male attributes must end if we desire to continue as a powerhouse of tech in the world.

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