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That truly is interesting. One use case would be functioning as a router/firewall, and I wonder to what extent the Open Switch folks will support this level of hardware. I have no real background in that area, but it seems to me it would not be too much extra effort to add support for this level. Then the /. folks could replace their Open/DD-WRTs & Tomatos, while adding neat features like IDS.

What with the Anonymous/NSA nonsense and all, I'd prefer more frequent updates than the DD-WRTs & Tomatos provide, (I can't speak about OpenWRT, and maybe they are more frequent).

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by SpzToid (#46670551) Attached to: Mystery MLB Team Moves To Supercomputing For Their Moneyball Analysis

Here's a thought: Maybe the Angels are so loathsome to fire everyone's favorite Mike Scioscia after his World Series win waaay back in 2002, even if maybe his time has come and gone, the management is considering analytics to micromanage Mike's calls?

For example, player X at bat against Pitcher Y, 2 men on, no outs, count is 2 and 2. Mike says to bunt for the sacrifice, but what do you say DAVE?

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by SpzToid (#46628997) Attached to: Western Digital 'MyCloud' Is Down 5 Days and Counting

This is good nerdy news to know! I googled futher, and attached citations. Thanks!

"Tom's Hardware" writes they had to sell off a lot of their facitiies:

Western Digital's hopes of turning the hard drive industry into a duopoly have been dashed as the US Federal Trade Commission demands it sells its desktop hard drive manufacturing facilities to a competitor.

Western Digital had previously hoped to purchase Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, manufacturer of previously IBM-made hard drives, in a deal valued at $4.5 billion. While the FTC is allowing the deal to go ahead, it has a major caveat attached.

The revised terms of the acquisition require Western Digital to sell selected Hitachi desktop hard drive-related sales and manufacturing assets to rival Toshiba within 15 days of the acquisition.

Dutch language review follows. I had to copy paste into Google Translate but this person gives the drives a thumbs up at review-time, and wrote if it failed they'd update the review, which hasn't happened. And they wrote specifically with 'green' NAS requirements.

Now, how to tell if their 3Tb drive is from the former Hitachi Fab?

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by SpzToid (#46628659) Attached to: Western Digital 'MyCloud' Is Down 5 Days and Counting

Except statistics have shown, especially with WD acquiring Hitachi, WD makes the best hard drives. Your only other option is Seagate, and those same recently published stats show you better now.

Now you may have a point about their consumer cloud DNS traversal services (i.e. keeping their own cloud up), but they kinda own the HD market right now.

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Poaching and wanting H1-B rules relaxed means I.T. workers whose knowledge is perishable in the marketplace as technology evolves are getting screwed from the tech billionaires. Been that way for decades, and if that's not enough to make you puke, young Zuckerberg and his buddies even started a PAC to lobby on their behalf.

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by SpzToid (#46498181) Attached to: The Era of Facebook Is an Anomaly

Shouldn't feed trolls but I've been using Skype for years with a big buddy list I can't just walk away from. You don't exist as far as I am concerned AC *and* Google Hangouts user. Disclaimer, Skype sucks. It used to suck less than everything else, until Microsoft owned it. Yes, I am one unhappy camper, whose use of business services has been opted by an evil corporation; (but don't think for a moment I don't know the score, nor stopped keeping track of it).

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Yo, wait Geezer. The Point was it was done in FORTRAN, back in the day, while you go on whining about, "sentence structure, capitalization and grammar".

Do you think someone that could adhere to your standards of, "sentence structure, capitalization,[*] and grammar" could have made this FORTRAN achievement back in the day, and also make the point now for the Slashdot public to learn from?

* The comma is my editorial contribution to your original text; should I have used [sic]? instead?.

For a punctual citation reference:

So please lighten up while not digressing on the whole point, ok?

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Um, ok, but can I still use zfs (like the FreeNAS), or perhaps ext4, or can I even use linux for this archival application using such ancient hardware?

Any suggestions for the parity errors I'm likely to endure sooner or later? Of course knowing how to deal with those in-advance would be a God-send right about now.

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Not to mention the sheer bandwidth of those 162,000 *** SERVERS ***!

Low-budget data-centers and co-hosts must be shitting bricks right about now when/if they max out their wholesale bandwidth contracts.

We're possibly talkin' about more bandwidth than the proverbial Volvo station wagon full of hard disks and tape screamin' down the freeway at 55mph.

Ma Bell is a mean mother!