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+ - Nearly 2,000 Chicago flights canceled after worker sets fire at radar center->

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "Nearly 2,000 flights in Chicago have been canceled so far today as federal aviation officials slowly resume operations at O'Hare and Midway airports following a fire that was deliberately set at an FAA radar center, apparently by a disgruntled worker.

The center handles high-altitude traffic across parts of the Midwest. Controllers there direct planes through the airspace and either hand off the air traffic to other facilities handling high-altitude traffic or direct the planes to terminal radar facilities, including one in Elgin, which in turn direct planes to and from airport towers."

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+ - Apple disappoints fans in China: No iPhone 6 for awhile->

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "Apple disappointed millions of Chinese fans this week when it said that its latest iPhone would not go on sale in mainland China on Sept. 19, the date it is to hit stores in the U.S. and nine other territories.

Some observers say Chinese authorities want to make sure the homegrown TD LTE standard can dominate the country’s 4G networks before allowing a foreign-developed 4G standard in.

Last week, a document that purported to be a leaked internal directive from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which oversees the country’s telecommunication industry, surfaced on Chinese social media websites. It said that all smartphones sold in China would be required to lock out the FDD LTE functionality.

That seems to raise the question of whether Apple would be willing to comply with such restrictions on its crown jewel. Chief Executive Tim Cook said during Tuesday’s keynote that the device would support more than 200 carriers globally, including China Mobile.

“It’s possible that Apple is willing to wait until the iPhone can be released in China without any restrictions on its FDD LTE network support,” said Xu Hao, who monitors China’s smartphone market for Beijing based consulting firm Analysys International.

Cook has called China “one of the most important markets” and when Apple announced its latest quarterly earnings in July, revenues from greater China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, were up by 28% from a year earlier, largely outperforming the company’s overall year-over-year growth rate of 6%."

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+ - Debug Chrome, Safari apps from Firefox with new add-on->

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "A few months ago Mozilla released its WebIDE project to make the browser a complete environment not just for consuming Web apps but for developing and deploying them as well. At the time, though, WebIDE had a gap: Web applications generally have to run in a range of browsers, and WebIDE only worked with Firefox and Firefox OS.

With a new add-on released today, WebIDE is going cross platform. The catchily named "Firefox Developer Tool Adaptor" lets Firefox connect to Chrome (both on the desktop and on Android) and Safari (on iOS) remotely, enabling developers to use the Firefox development environment to debug apps running on those other browsers.

Specifically, Web devs will be able to use Firefox's JavaScript debugger, DOM inspector, and CSS editor with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Each browser has its own remote debugging protocol, and the add-on translates from those "foreign" protocols back to Firefox's own built-in remote debugging protocol.

Mozilla hopes that this will make developers' lives much easier, letting them stick with one set of tools while still testing and debugging across different platforms. This recognizes an important aspect of Web development. As much as Web apps are meant to be cross-platform and browser-independent, testing in different browsers and addressing the little annoyances and problems that occur in them remains a core part of the Web development experience.

The company says that future development of the add-on will be guided by developer feedback, with possible future features including wider browser support (Internet Explorer is currently not supported, for example), or richer capabilities such as JavaScript and WebGL performance profiling."

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+ - Apple's iCloud is insecure, apparently

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "Several celebrities' iCloud accounts have been hacked, with rather personal photos exposed to the internet at-large. Even photos once thought to have been deleted by their rightful owners have recently been published, anonymously. It seems Apple Corp. Dept. of Security has a little egg on its face today, (just prior to their seasonal and forth-coming product announcements)."

+ - Oregon Sues Oracle for an "Abysmal" Healthcare Website 1

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "The state of Oregon sued Oracle America Inc. and six of its top executives Friday, accusing the software giant of fraud for failing to deliver a working website for the Affordable Care Act program.

The 126-page lawsuit claims Oracle has commmitted fraud, lies, and "a pattern of activity that has cost the State and Cover Oregon hundreds of millions of dollars".

"Not only were Oracle's claims lies, Oracle's work was abysmal", the lawsuit said. Oregon paid Oracle about $240.3 million for a system that never worked, the suit said.

“Today’s lawsuit clearly explains how egregiously Oracle has disserved Oregonians and our state agencies”, said Oregon Atty. Gen. Ellen Rosenblum in a written statement. “Over the course of our investigation, it became abundantly clear that Oracle repeatedly lied and defrauded the state. Through this legal action, we intend to make our state whole and make sure taxpayers aren’t left holding the bag.”

Oregon’s suit, alleges that Oracle, the largest tech contractor working on the website, made falsely convinced officials to buy “hundreds of millions of dollars of Oracle products and services that failed to perform as promised.” It is seeking $200 million in damages.

Oracle issued a statement saying the suit "is a desperate attempt to deflect blame from Cover Oregon and the governor for their failures to manage a complex IT project. The complaint is a fictional account of the Oregon Healthcare Project.""

+ - Michael Devine has a new lawyer to argue HR antitrust against, APPL, GOOG, ADOB

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "Following up earlier coverage here on Slashdotin the potential antitrust lawsuit between a large class of Information Technology employees, and a few of the largest, most proftibale technology companies in the world.

You may recall Michael Devine, one of the priginal plaintiffs in the case, objected to what amounted to a secret settlement behind his back, as being far too low for the class represented in the case. Mr. Devine has been successful so far in his petition to the judge to hear his motion, and now has gained the representation of Daniel Girard. Asked if he will participate in any negotiations, Girard said "we would certainly expect to be included."

Girard is no stranger to many of the attorneys in the case: he was once a partner at Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, one of the elite plaintiff firms which reached the $324.5 million deal. Girard has a 19-lawyer firm, Girard Gibbs, and has worked alongside Lieff Cabraser in other class action cases.

Girard, who was referred the case by another lawyer, said it's "a genuine concern" to litigate against former colleagues. But at the hearing in June, he made clear that his objection to the settlement was not the often-raised concern that plaintiffs' lawyers are settling low to make a fast buck on attorneys fees.

Girard told Koh he did not believe attorneys for the tech workers had colluded with the companies or "sold out the case." Rather, Girard said the plaintiffs had simply overstated the risks of going forward given the strength of their evidence."

+ - China smartphone maker Xiaomi apologizes for unauthorized data access 1

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "Following up an earlier story here on Slashdot, now Xiaomi has apologized for collecting private data from its customers.

Xiaomi Inc said it had upgraded its operating system to ensure users knew it was collecting data from their address books after a report by a computer security firm said the Chinese budget smartphone maker was taking personal data without permission. The privately held company said it had fixed a loophole in its cloud messaging system that had triggered the unauthorized data transfer and that the operating system upgrade had been rolled out on Sunday. The issue was highlighted last week in a blog post by security firm F-Secure Oyg. In a lengthy blogpost on Google Plus, Xiaomi Vice President Hugo Barra apologized for the unauthorized data collection and said the company only collects phone numbers in users' address books to see if the users are online.


+ - Cable TV boxes are the 2nd biggest energy users in many homes->

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "224 million U.S. cable TV set-top boxes combined consume as much electricity as produced by four giant nuclear reactors, running around the clock. They have become the biggest single energy user in many homes, apart from air conditioning.

Cheryl Williamsen, a Los Alamitos architect, has three of the boxes leased from her cable provider in her home, but she had no idea how much power they consumed until recently, when she saw a rating on the back for as much as 500 watts — about the same as a washing machine.

A typical set-top cable box with a digital recorder can consume as much as 35 watts of power, costing about $8 a month for a typical Southern California consumer. And the devices use nearly as much power turned off as they do when they are turned on."

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+ - NY Times: Plaintiff Maligns Class-action Deal to Judge in Silicon Valley Suit->

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "Apple has more than $150 billion in the bank, eclipsing the combined cash reserves of Israel and Britain. Google, Intel and Adobe have a total of about $80 billion stored up for a rainy day.

Against such tremendous cash hoards, $324 million is chump change. But that is what the four technology companies have agreed to pay to settle a class action brought by their own employees.

The suit, which was on track to go to trial in San Jose, Calif., at the end of May, promised weeks if not months of damaging revelations about how Silicon Valley executives conspired to suppress wages and limit competition. Details of the settlement are still under wraps.

“The class wants a chance at real justice,” he wrote. “We want our day in court.”

He noted that the settlement amount was about one-tenth of the estimated $3 billion lost in compensation by the 64,000 class members. In a successful trial, antitrust laws would triple that sum.

“As an analogy,” Mr. Devine wrote, “if a shoplifter is caught on video stealing a $400 iPad from the Apple Store, would a fair and just resolution be for the shoplifter to pay Apple $40, keep the iPad, and walk away with no record or admission of wrongdoing? Of course not.”

“If the other class members join me in opposition, I believe we will be successful in convincing the court to give us our due process,” Mr. Devine said in an interview on Sunday. He has set up a website, Tech Worker Justice, and is looking for legal representation. Any challenge will take many months. The other three class representatives could not be reached for comment over the weekend."

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+ - U.S. D.O.J. implicates Apple, Google, Intel, and others, in no-hire consipracy->

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "Emails to and from the late Steve Jobs may show that several tech companies adopted a "no-hire" policy in which they agreed not to recruit one another's top talent.

The emails were made public Tuesday by a United States federal judge presiding over a lawsuit filed by tech workers against several Silicon Valley tech companies, including Apple, Google and Intel.

"I'm sure you realize the asymmetry in the financial resources of our respective companies," Jobs says in the email.

In another email that seems to be related to "no-hire" policies, Google's then-CEO Eric Schmidt told another Google employee to communicate orally rather than in writing because "I don't want to create a paper trail over which we can be sued later."

Just nice people doing 'nice' things to others, less fortunate and trying compete. /rant"

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+ - Kim Jong Un is People's Daily choice for the sexiest man alive in 2012!->

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "Kim Jong Un is 2012 the sexiest man alive according to People's Daily, which apparently was influenced by an earlier article in The Onion.

Is The People's Press the new People magazine, when it comes to defining which male is most-sexy this year?,,20315920,00.html

Hey If Rick Astley can make a 2nd career because of the internet, maybe Kim Jong Un has a chance too. Best of luck."

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+ - Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta warns of a possibile "cyber-Pearl Harbor"->

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta warned Thursday that the United States was facing the possibility of a “cyber-Pearl Harbor” and was increasingly vulnerable to foreign computer hackers who could dismantle the nation’s power grid, transportation system, financial networks and government.

Countries such as Iran are motivated to conduct such attacks, in retaliation actually.

Perhaps old news around here, even though Panetta is in-fact requesting new legislation from congress and the sentate, isn't the message wise and current that "we would be much better served if we accepted that prevention eventually fails, so we need detection, response, and containment for the incidents that will occur." as Richard Bejtlich has argued in his security blog?

Incidentally, Richard has also written a Top 10 list of the best ways to stir up the security pot (

  If you want to start a debate/argument/flamewar in security, pick any of the following.

        "Full disclosure" vs "responsible disclosure" vs whatever else
        Threat intelligence sharing
        Value of security certifications
        Exploit sales
        Advanced-ness, Persistence-ness, Threat-ness, Chinese-ness of APT
        Reality of "cyberwar"
        "Builders vs Breakers"
        "Security is an engineering problem," i.e., "building a new Internet is the answer."
        "Return on security investment"
        Security by mandate or legislation or regulation

But seriously folks, time do change, don't they? (Even in the technology sector) Currently the congress is preoccupied with the failure of US security threats in Benghazi, while maybe Leon isn't getting the press his recent message deserves?"

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