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Microsoft To Bring Windows 8 Marketplace In 180 Countries 69

First time accepted submitter mugi writes "The Microsoft Windows Marketplace was so far only available in 63 countries, and only 38 of those were allowed to submit apps. But now, Microsoft is planning on expanding that list considerably and has announced to bring the new Windows 8 Marketplace to over 180 countries at launch."

The Boy Who Loved Batman 157

theodp writes "As a young boy, Batman producer Michael Uslan — a self-described 'ultimate comic book geek' — was traumatized to see the Caped Crusader being 'murdered' in front of his very eyes by the camp 60's TV series. 'I was horrified,' Uslan told a Harper College audience last week. 'I was horrified because the whole world was laughing at Batman, and that just killed me.' At that point, the 13-year-old vowed to teach the world about the Batman he knew, about the crusader who lurked in the shadows, about a darker, grittier superhero. As told in his memoir The Boy Who Loved Batman, he made good on that vow: Uslan has served as the executive producer of all Batman major motion pictures, from 1989's Batman to the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises (trailer)."

Submission + - Retaliatory Hacks Already Underway In Wake Of LulzSec Informant, Arrests->

An anonymous reader writes: Today's announcement by the FBI of arrests of 'Sabu' and five others connected LulzSec and the hacks against Sony, Fox, PBS, HBGary Federal, is just the beginning, as some members of Anonymous lash back. One source says Sabu isn't the only informant, either.
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Submission + - Lulzsec founder betrays!->

thodelu writes: One of the six, Hector Xavier Monsegur – also known by his computer name of “Sabu” – pleaded guilty and was said by officials to be working with the government against his former colleagues. Monsegur was described by officials as one of the founders of LulzSec, an offshoot of the antigovernment hacking group Anonymous.
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Comment Re:NetHack (Score 1) 480

The imagination needed, or rather, willingness to put up with the lack of the great anchor that is known as graphics, might be too much strain for a ten year old. I do agree that NetHack and its companions (other text-based dungeon crawlers) are fantastic games and offer countless of unique experiences, but this is an ASCII dish usually served best to those who have had the opportunity to train themselves a little bit more in the areas of thought, language and patience.

Comment Re:because it's not at all difficult... (Score 5, Insightful) 161

Right. You undertake a multi-million project over the course of years and you can't sync logistics & legal? Come on, bullshit. The reason they release games on different dates now must be that they think they can make more money that way (money always is the reason).

Comment For those without the patience... (Score 4, Informative) 247

For those without the patience to read this article (which is much longer than I intended it to be when I started!), here are the headline points:

-FreeDesktop.org is broken as a standards body
-Mark Shuttleworth doesn’t understand how GNOME works
-GNOME is not easy to understand
-Deep mistrust has developed between Canonical, GNOME & KDE
-Difficult people are prominent in each of these projects
-Behind closed doors conversations are poison
-For people to work together, they need to be in the same place

Pulled from http://blogs.gnome.org/bolsh/2011/03/11/lessons-learned/

Comment Re:Wall Street rules (Score 1) 299

Change things from *inside* a democratic system? Great idea! How about... we all stop voting! Yeah, that'll show 'em! Lets cancel out their phony elections by not showing up en masse. But oh, wait, according to you, withholding your vote from a system you choose to not participate in because your moral standards don't allow you to is lazy.

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