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User Journal

Spy der Mann's Journal: Video ads in MSN messenger 8

Journal by Spy der Mann

OK this is it. Microsoft, you've finally done it. I've had to cope with GIFs, animated GIFs, and then flash ads. But now you're forcing me to watch your VIDEO and AUDIO ads?

This is not a freaking TV! You're invading my workspace, my boss' office workspace, and my computer's CPU cycles. I'm going to find out how to turn this off and share it in the journal. Who do you think you are, anyway? Gator?

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Video ads in MSN messenger

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  • Google for MSNAdblock. :)
    • Yeah. It's called Gaim. :P
      • Does GAIM let me draw to other users, create my own custom animated emoticons, send annoying audio, etc? These may all seem trivial, but to me they're important. Last time I used GAIM, I wasn't that impressed, though it was MUCH better than the first time I used it.
        • I use Trillian. It's free, doeas all the fancy stuff, and its free!

          Did I mention Trillian is free?

          • Trillian Basic is crippled.

            GAIM is good for quick and simple IMing.

            Trillian Pro is good for all the fancy shit.
            • Depends on your definition of "fancy." To me, anything more than simple text is fancy--emoticons, sounds, file transfers, on-/off-line notifications, etc. Trillian basic has a lot more features that I do not use, so to me, it is "ultra fancy."
        • The reason i don't use GAIM is because i love sharing custom smileys and winks. I won't switch from MSN messenger until I find these features in other messengers. This is an example of how innovative features, and not a monopoly, help a company retain its market.
          • Exactly. I'm curious if TFGeditor is correct in that Trillian has all of the features I've spoken about. Last time I used it, it did not ):

            I missed my fishies background, my over 100 custom emoticons, avatars, ability to draw, etc! I'm an MSN Messenger junkie, and I'm proud of it!

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