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Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1, Insightful) 203

I'm sorry but EPA not having enough money is bullshit. They "only" have enough money to test 20% of new cars, therefore Volkswagon was able to cheat, so give us more money?

IRS tests (audits) less than one percent of income tax returns. Yet tax compliance is quite high in the United States, relatively to other countries. Why is that? Because IRS has teeth and people know if you get caught flagrantly cheating on your taxes, they can seize your bank accounts and your house and put you in jail.

Testing 20% is more than enough, you just gotta give EPA some teeth. Start by putting VW CEO in jail and seizing $8 billion from their bank account. That's still less than a year worth of profit for them, it won't make them go out of business. But it's enough that people will get the message quick.

Car companies have brazenly cheated emissions because the price of getting caught (nobody goes to prison, a few million dollars in fines) was far less than the money saved by cheating on emissions. If the price goes up, the equation changes.

Comment Re:Case study on how to blow a great oppurtunity (Score 1) 170

there's no legitimate reason that they can't make a 4K rift with all the sensors they have, sell it for $200-$250, and still make a profit.

You do realize that if they made it 4k, you would need a $1500 video card just to be able to use it?

Even the current specs require a pretty damn beefy graphic card.

Comment Re:Chip and PIN would, but... (Score 1) 315

We're getting Chip and Signature, which is much less secure.

No it isn't. The "chip" part is what provides most of the security. Pins are easy to skim or eyeball. Yes chip & pin is more secure than chip & signature.... but not by much.

Banks in US looked at the pros and cons, and decided that the slight additional security provided by a PIN was not worth the inconvenience to the customer and also the fact that a whole lot of merchants who do not have PIN pads will have to buy one. It was not a stupid decision, it was quite logical.

Comment Re:Is the NYT Racist? (Score 1) 225

I support Bernie Sanders.

Supporting Trump is just idiotic.

I also support Bernie Sanders. I would really love to see Sanders become the Democratic nominee and Trump become the GOP nominee. That way we're guaranteed to get a president who will reduce (or hopefully eliminate) H1B.

Aside from H1B, Trump will also reduce illegal immigration, while Sanders will not. Therefore I am rooting for Trump. But if Trump flames out for whatever reason, I would take Sanders over Bush/Rubio/Clinton any day.

And if you're wondering why I'm bringing illegal immigration into this when we were talking about H1B: they are both closely related issues. H1B brings in cheap IT labor and depresses the wages for American IT workers. Illegal immigration brings in cheap manual labor and depresses the wages for American blue collar workers. See the resemblance?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 4, Insightful) 182

Why? I'm leaving it on because it's damn useful.

Yes it's useful. But what happens when you're sitting at home, watching Netflix or Youtube on your phone, and your wifi router craps out? I'm thinking it might automatically switch to cellular without me knowing about it, and there goes my 4 GB for the month.

Comment Re:I dont get it (Score 4, Interesting) 206

He was just a low/mid-level analyst who leaked a bunch of shit. Why are people treating him like any sort of authority on anything?

That's actually what I thought too initially, without knowing much about the situation.

But as I kept reading, I learned that he was by far the smartest programmer at NSA (at least in the branch that he was at), he was THE man according to his former NSA colleagues. He took off with everything, he got the keys to the whole kingdom using his knowledge and mad skillz. No other low/mid-level analyst (as you put it) could've pulled that off.

Comment Re:At least he still has a sense of humor (Score 1) 206

I would probably be sad if I knew that I would never again be able to return home or travel because I had exposed the illegal practices of my government.

Obama won't be in office much longer. President Trump or President Sanders might well give him some kind of a deal or even an outright pardon.

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