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Comment: Re:"The xxxx in yyyy years" (Score -1, Flamebait) 55

by Spy Handler (#49583823) Attached to: Ancient Megadrought Entombed Dodos In Poisonous Fecal Cocktail

The holocene, our current interglacial, is ~12000 years old. During that time the climate has both been a lot warmer (the Holocene optimum) as well as a lot colder (the Little Ice Age) than now.

Denialist propaganda funded by Big Oil. Scientists have proven that those events were mere anecdotes recited by primitive tribesmen and never actually happened. The overwhelming consensus is that due to manmade climate change, it's hotter right now than anywhere anytime in the history of the universe.

Comment: Re:We can learn from this (Score 2) 163

I was born in East-Germany, where people did a pacific revolution to free themselves from a dictatorship.

Small vocabulary lesson: although in theory the word pacific and peaceful mean the same thing, in reality English speakers would not use the word pacific in that way. Because if you say pacific, people think you're talking about the big ocean. So you'd wanna say peaceful revolution or bloodless revolution. Hope this helped ;)

Comment: Re:If you insist on keeping physical hardware (Score 1) 446

The poster is talking about a couple of GB, so surely an SD card encrypted if needed and kept in his wallet or car is all that is required.

This is better than any of the harebrained schemes proposed so far.

However if we're gonna go down the encryption route, why not just encrypt the file and upload it to multiple web hosts? SD cards in car and wallet are still subject to loss/theft/degradation, plus if the police ever get a hold of it you may become inconvenienced (because the authorities are convinced that encryption means you're a criminal with something to hide).

Comment: Don't worry actors (Score 4, Insightful) 360

by Spy Handler (#49382867) Attached to: Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars

Lucas isn't writing the screenplay anymore. You're all safe.

"Anakin, make love to me like you did by the lake on planet Wumpumpsefukit!" (or whatever the hell the actual line from Episode 2 was)

With lines like that, no wonder a world-class actress like Natalie Portman ended up looking like a wooden talentless hack. But actually the only talentless hack here was Lucas.

Well ok that's a bit harsh. Lucas has talent but not when it comes to writing dialogue that doesn't completely suck ass.

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