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by Spudster (#35864160) Attached to: Someone else's data
My problem is that to determine the owner, I would need an account to login to the machine (Windows 2003 Server). I don't intend to hack my way in (unethical), and the name of the domain doesn't give away any information about who the owner is. So I guess I need to deal with the leasing company to determine the owner?

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Submitted by Spudster
Spudster (875838) writes "Recently I purchased a server on Ebay that was not properly wiped by the leasing company that sold it. The result is a server that boots up into someone else's operating system. In this day and age of data breaches and personal information disclosures, what is the proper course of action to report something like this?"

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by Spudster (#23328778) Attached to: Data Recovered From Space Shuttle Columbia HDD
I'm somewhat amazed that a vehicle as well connected as the shuttle doesn't mirror its data to the ground controllers. In the event of a failure, an alternate copy of the data would exist and millions of dollars worth of experimental data wouldn't be at risk. On-track does however rock (Until you get the bill)!

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