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Comment: Re:Meddlesome (Score -1, Flamebait) 467

by Spotless Tiger (#28396211) Attached to: Man Attacked In Ohio For Providing Iran Proxies

No, this is why Browncoats are hated, no matter what the discussion they still manage to make it about Firefly.

For the love of crap: a man is attacked for helping Iranian dissidents, and you jump in the thread with the wisdom of River Tam? Really?

Look, it's over. The show got canceled. Get over it. Move on. It was never that good to start with, it just achieved mythological status because (a) Joss Whedon was involved and (b) the show wasn't treated well by Fox. In reality, it was a poor concept that didn't really work and would never have gained an audience had the show had a normal run.

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