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by Sporkinum (#47658113) Attached to: Comcast Drops Spurious Fees When Customer Reveals Recording

I use Ring Plus for my phone. All I have to do is hit ## any time in a call and it records. I log into my account afterwards and I have an Mmp3 of both sides of the call, plus a transcription. It's a google voice style transcription, so it's not the best, but the mp3 and being able to download it works great.

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by Sporkinum (#46639283) Attached to: Your Car Will Tell You How To Hit the Next Green Light

Ground sensors that are used where I am completely negate being able to time lights. The main problem with them, is that they don't use the cameras at most intersections to bias the signals to the flow of traffic. You will have 1 car on a side street stop 20 cars and trucks, when the side car could wait. Not only that, the sensors will stop traffic when there is no one on the side street, because they did a legal right turn on red. That has to waste thousands of gallons of fuel each day, just in my city.

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That's the generic term for speed cameras. Our city put in red light cameras to get their feet in the door with that type of system. Where they have made bank is putting them on the interstate highway that goes through town.
Red light citations: 2,892 (4.9 percent)

Speed citations: 55,308 (95.1 percent)

Total citations: 58,200


        City gross: $2,601,125
        Due to Gatso: $1,017,900
        Revenue: $1,583,225

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They screwed up my year of birth for my SSAN for a few years. I found out when I tried to efile my taxes several years ago. Rather than go through the hassle of digging up birth certificate and spending lots of time at the social security office, I figured out what they wanted and gave it to them on my tax form. They had one of the digits as a 7 and it should have been a 1. Probably an OCR error I would guess. I eventually went in and got it fixed. Had to waste a 40 mile round trip, and 3 hours of my time to fix their fuck up.

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