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Comment Re:Soccer (Score 1) 405

Who cares whether "soccer" is popular or not in the USA. Footie doesn't need the mere 300 million americans. The other 6.7 billion of us like it just fine thanks. :) And food for thought... the US is getting very good at football anyways. Must be all those "soccer moms" (with comensurate soccer kids we must presume). The US is not going to change football. Football is going to change the US.

Comment Re:Anything built before 2001 (Score 1) 702

As is the price difference! I paid $3000 each for my 1991 PC system with all peripherals & my 1997 PC system. They both still work aside from some of the peripherals which failed eventually ('97 monitor, HD & CDROM) ('91 5.25" floppy). As you can see the older the lower the failure rate. Add to that a LONG list of old stuff: 1980 Sony record player, 1980 Toshiba TV, 1980 Clock radio (and it has the only cassette player that still works!), 90's VCR & TV.

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