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+ - New Facebook Phone App Lets You Stalk Your Friends

Submitted by Hugh Pickens DOT Com
Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "Iain Thomson reports that Facebook is adding a new application called "Nearby Friends" that alerts smartphone users when their friends are nearby. "If you turn on Nearby Friends, you'll occasionally be notified when friends are nearby, so you can get in touch with them and meet up," says Facebook in a statement. "For example, when you're headed to the movies, Nearby Friends will let you know if friends are nearby so you can see the movie together or meet up afterward." The feature, which is opt-in, allows users to select which friends get a warning that you are in the area, and prepare a subset of people who might like to know when you're near, if they have the Nearby Friends activated as well. According to Josh Constine what makes "Nearby Friends" different than competitors and could give it an advantage is that it’s centered around broadcasting proximity, not location. " If someone’s close, you’ll know, and can ping them about their precise location and meeting up. Broadcasting location is creepy so we’re less likely to share it, and can cause awkward drop-ins where someone tries to come see you when you didn’t want them to.""

Comment: Re:Duh (Score 2) 818

by Spliffster (#46765117) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

I am feeling very privileged to live in a direct democracy, the country is very small and is called Switzerland. We do have 2 instruments to keep our Politicians behaving and represent the people:

1) Referendum: if we don't like what our policy makers have enacted, we can collect 50'000 signatures and the people have to vote on it

2) Initiative: Our policy makers don't want to take care of a certain topic? we, the poeple will vote on it after collecting 100'000 signatures.

It's not a perfect system and it might not work in larger countries on national level, because it is a somewhat slow process to find consensus. However, only the thought alone that politicians' decisions could be overthrown by the people helps keeping them thinking twice what to support and do.


Comment: Re:Slashdot is ridiculous (Score 1) 575

by Spliffster (#46756501) Attached to: Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support

Generally Windows bugs get patched fairly quickly.

This is appropriate use of "generally" and "fairly" in that sentence I guess.

They are the only big-name vendor who was supporting a 12-year old OS until a week ago.

Microsoft had to support XP so long because Longhorn development was a disaster. Only with win7 they gave companies a viable upgrade. I am working for a large company and we are only just finishing the transition from XP to 7. Guess why? because of loads of Microsoft specific technologies that are not supported anymore and had to be replaced.

Comment: Re:Slashdot is ridiculous (Score 4, Interesting) 575

by Spliffster (#46754787) Attached to: Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support

The SSL flaw has been fixed and rolled out very quickly, it was not the first and will not be the last. How many known Security flaws for windows, IE and many other Microsoft products are out there, unfixed?

Could you explain why "Microsoft has a bigger problem with having to support old platforms" than anyone else? They seem to have vast resources and should actually be able to react quicker than others.


Comment: Re:How did this go to trial? (Score 1) 236

by Spliffster (#46433621) Attached to: Drone Pilot Wins Case Against FAA

These statements show exactly why the FAA cannot be trusted about matters of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. I am an sUAS operator myself and I am doing it for charity (check if you want to find out more).

Raphael's statement has always been, that he is operating an RC plane. The FAA does not regulate RC planes. There are no binding rules at least. They gave out recommendations and acted as if they were binding rules. Since 2007 the FAA has been grounding aerial photography businesses on the grounds of these recommendations.

Raphael was the first to challenge it in court. And the Judge ruled that this is non of the FAA's business. At least not as long as they come up with proper regulations as I understand this. The FAA has been dragging it's feets for 7 years now and they will most probably not have any regulations in place by 2015 (the next deadline).

This means that hollywood has to hire foreign countries abroad to use multirotors for some of the footage they want. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of farmers, civil engineers, maintenance workers, security workers, you name it have been forced to stop doing their business for 7 years without a resolution in sight. This ruling clears up the matters for commercial drone use in the US.

+ - Slashdot Beta: Because They Hate You 3

Submitted by boolithium
boolithium (1030728) writes "People on here are missing the point of the Beta roll out. The elimination of the existing user base is not a side effect, it is a feature. Slashdot as a brand has value, but as a site has limited commercial appeal. The users are the kids at the lunch table, where not even the foreign exchange students want to sit. Nobody ever got laid from installing NetBSD.

Once they are finished with their nerd cleansing, they can build a new Slashdot. A sexier Slashdot. A Slashdot the kids can dance to.

They aren't ignoring you. They are exterminating you."

+ - If we Buck Feta and leave, where should we go? 17

Submitted by Covalent
Covalent (1001277) writes "I am a long-time slashdot reader (don't let the UID fool you), and I agree with most of you that the Beta is a disaster. Dice has promised a fix, but what if this garbage is the new reality? Is there a suitable alternative to slashdot that members would find equally (or more) fulfilling? Is someone going to fork slashdot and start it anew (Taco can you hear me?) Or is this just the end of an era?"

+ - Slashdot Beta Sucks Elephant Penis 2

Submitted by ShaunC
ShaunC (203807) writes "Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes:

Have you even seen an elephant penis? Because I have, and the colors align to Slashdot. The beta is so bad, Roland Piquepaille is surrendering his account (as the French do). The GNAA has reorganized to post fake job offerings on with an emphasis on affirmative action. Profane Motherfucker has come out of retirement simply to say: "fuck this shit.""

+ - An open letter to the management of Slashdot. 14

Submitted by onyxruby
onyxruby (118189) writes "I have been watch for some time now as Slashdot has started beta testing a new version of the website. As you are well aware the new site would constitute a complete change to the look, interface and functionality of

Change happens, and for those of us who work with technology for a living it is the only constant. Change is a process and in and of itself is not a bad thing when it offers improvement. Unfortunately the change that has been offered negatively impacts the look, interface and most importantly the functionality of Slashdot.
Many people have had trouble reverting back to the classic interface. The new interface simply does not offer the functionality of the old. Things like statistics, comments and layout are very difficult to find. You have a community that lives and breathes data and want to know their data. How is my comment ranked, how many people responded – it’s really all about the dialogue. Can I get the information that I want in a readily digestible format?

As you’re well aware the new site does not offer the very thing that people come here for. This in and of itself is not why your community has organized a boycott of Beta. The boycott was originated because the new version will be implemented whether the community wants it or not.

I want to explain why this change has gone down people’s throats about as well as Windows 8’s Metro interface. The reason has absolutely nothing to do with the interface and everything to do with the perception that the editors and management of Slashdot appear to have.

The message that has been consistently handed down is that we are “your audience”. We are not your “your audience” we are your product. People do not come to Slashdot for the news stories, there are untold other sites that provide those as well as professional and original writing about them. People come here for the community of insiders from across the industry.

Please respect the community and stop what you’re doing. You have commented that you don’t want to maintain two code bases. Your community works in the industry and understands this, which leads many to suggest you abandon the new code base entirely so that you are only maintaining once code base. Tell us what your trying to accomplish and I would imagine that a wide range of experts would be more than willing to help you meet your goals."

+ - A Modest Proposal, re: Beta vs. Classic 19

Submitted by unitron
unitron (5733) writes "Dice wants to make money off of what they paid for--the Slashdot name--, or rather they want to make more money off of it than they are making now, and they think the best way to do that is to turn it into SlashingtonPost.

They should take this site and give it a new name. Or get Malda to let them use "Chips & Dips".

Leave everything else intact, archives, user ID database, everything except the name.

Then use the Beta code and start a new site and give it the name, and they can have what they want without the embarrassment of having the current userbase escape from the basement or the attic and offend the sensibilities of the yuppies or hipsters or metrosexuals or whoever it is that they really want for an "audience"."

+ - /. Beta comments don't work, users upset.-> 4

Submitted by magic maverick
magic maverick (2615475) writes "Since the new /. Beta came to light, many /. users and commentators have tried it out. However, they are almost universally condemning the new commenting system. It simply isn't as good as the so called Classic system. Some users, however, haven't a bad thing to say. Mainly because they haven't had a chance to even use the new system. It simply doesn't load. One user, Magic Maverick , who lives in a third-world country with crappy Internet, had this to say:

I come to /. for the comments, but with the new Beta, I can't even see anything! It just says:

''Shazbot! We ran into some trouble getting the comments. Try again... na-nu, na-nu!

It seems like the "developers" need to take some advice from people who actually know what they are doing. I'm happy to help explain what graceful degradation means if they like...


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