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Comment Cloud Rescue? (Score 2) 234

I'll suggest using AWS Workspaces for the desktops - no infrastructure to maintain, and if it goes down, a thousand Amazon engineers will jump on the case. You can also arrange for a VPN tunnel into your datacenter if access to central resources is needed. Suits like VPN tunnels.

Regarding source code, with AWS at least you control the desktops and can wipe them if needed, but the devs will still see the source. Perhaps a strategic division of labour would prevent any one developer from seeing the entire body of source code?

Comment Scrum is for Management, too (Score 1) 371

I've been at two companies in the last six years that are trying to implement Scrum. The first failed miserably, due to massive management interference. The second is in progress now, and seems destined to fail (although I certainly hope not!). This company promotes hyper-active micro-managers, who operate in a mode that is the antithesis of Scrum.

In both these cases, I see the biggest benefit of scrum is that it would prevent the micro-managers from interfering with development that is in-progress, and force them to plan the work in advance, rather than running around co-opting already-busy resources for their latest 'emergency', thereby forcing task switches (expensive) and collateral damage (frustration) to whatever project was last week's emergency.

It's occurred to me over time that Scrum is a way to box out Panic Management from the development process. I just wish I had the experience of actually seeing it work. But hope is eternal...

Comment Extreme A La Carte (Score 1) 319

I'd rather pay for just the shows I watch, rather than picking an entire channel. For channels like SyFi (which is about 25% science fiction), I'd be buying 10 shows per week. For channels like The Documentary Channel, it would be more like 2.

The Learning Channel? hahahahahahahaha what learning? Honey Boo Boo taught me nothing.

Comment Sugar, Fat to become Schedule 1 restricted drugs (Score 2, Insightful) 244

Recent studies have researchers concerned that pot use in the under-18 crowd causes cognitive decline. Since pot is a Schedule 1 (most restrictive) substance in the US, I argue sugar and fat must also be put on Schedule 1 since our Oregon friends at OSU have discovered similar effects in youngsters.

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