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It's for kids, silly  Friday June 26, 2015 @08:22PM  2
   attached to Mob Programming: When Is 5 Heads Really Better Than 1 (or 2)?
Sugar, Fat to become Schedule 1 restricted drugs  Thursday June 25, 2015 @10:29AM 4 3, Insightful
   attached to High-Fat, High-Sugar Diet Can Lead To Cognitive Decline
Re:And  Thursday June 25, 2015 @10:17AM  2
   attached to The Next Java Update Could Make Yahoo Your Default Search Provider
Re:Smart people  Wednesday June 24, 2015 @04:12PM 1 2
   attached to Security Researcher Drops 15 Vulnerabilities for Windows and Adobe Reader
Is It Time for Class Action?  *Tuesday June 09, 2015 @10:17AM 1 2
   attached to US Tech Companies Expected To Lose More Than $35 Billion Over NSA Spying
Let go and let them  *Sunday June 07, 2015 @10:24AM  4
   attached to On Managing Developers
Love Canal, NY. A National Symbol.  *Thursday June 04, 2015 @09:02PM  2
   attached to EPA Says No Evidence That Fracking Has "Widespread" Impact On Drinking Water
What does geo-synchronous mean?  *Monday March 30, 2015 @01:00PM 1 1
   attached to Chinese Scientists Plan Solar Power Station In Space
Hire the right people?  *Tuesday September 30, 2014 @10:45AM 1 4, Informative
   attached to Microsoft's Asimov System To Monitor Users' Machines In Real Time
This proves...  *Monday June 02, 2014 @04:04PM  2
   attached to Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015
Punch Cards in College - and Poor Peggy!  *Wednesday April 30, 2014 @01:42PM  2
   attached to One-a-Day-Compiles: Good Enough For Government Work In 1983
Fishing Line Sales Spike Dramatically  *Friday February 21, 2014 @01:00PM 1 2
   attached to Fishing Line As Artificial "Muscle"
#ImWithPerens  *Thursday February 06, 2014 @11:09PM  2
   attached to Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!
Sitting on your own nuts  *Wednesday February 05, 2014 @09:40AM  2
   attached to HP To Charge For Service Packs and Firmware For Out-of-Warranty Customers
Wrong Value Proposition - NSA Baby!  *Tuesday October 15, 2013 @04:00PM  2
   attached to Oracle Attacks Open Source; Says Community-Developed Code Is Inferior
Re:The Fine Print  *Wednesday April 17, 2013 @03:56PM  2
   attached to Researchers Report Super-Powered Battery Breakthrough
Climate Damage?  *Friday September 14, 2012 @08:31AM 8 1, Insightful
   attached to How Viable Is Large Scale Wind Energy?
Use GitHub  *Thursday May 17, 2012 @02:59PM  2
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Is Outsourcing Development a Good Idea?
No-Guilt Massive Energy Transfers  *Monday April 30, 2012 @09:37AM 3 5, Interesting
   attached to New Study Suggests Wind Farms Can Cause Climate Change
The Ancient Battle  *Friday January 13, 2012 @11:33AM 9 5, Interesting
   attached to Windows Admins Need To Prepare For GUI-Less Server
Re:Not _sui_cide - destruction by external party  *Monday August 29, 2011 @08:44AM 1 2
   attached to Ex-Board Member Says HP Is Committing 'Corporate Suicide'
Re:NIKOLA TESLA  *Thursday November 18, 2010 @09:32AM  2
   attached to Sciencey Heroes For Young Children?
99% Fi and 1% Sci does not a sci-fi make!  *Wednesday November 03, 2010 @10:39PM 2 2
   attached to The Science of Battlestar Galactica
Sucked like BSG and SGU  *Thursday October 28, 2010 @11:14AM 1 2
   attached to BSG Prequel Series Caprica Canceled