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Comment Re:Problem (Score 1) 144

All viruses used in this manner are wired not to reproduce. It means you need to inject a lot more copies of the virus, but there's no chance of mutation in a virus that can't reproduce. And no, they can't spontaneously redevelop the huge number of genes necessary to reproduce; they don't even have the opportunity to do so. It's completely safe.

Life finds a way.

Comment Re:Still no Flash in mobile ... (Score 1) 364

Flash is a plugin. Bug the people who make it -Adobe, not Mozilla- if you want to use it on mobile devices.

Flash is already supported on Android, but the browser itself, in this case Firefox, has to actually implement support for the plugin. To date, Mozilla hasn't done this for the Android version of Firefox.

Comment Undirected Randomness? (Score 1) 1319

(Disclaimer: atheist)

...they object to the idea that there is a random process out there which is not directed by God.

Who says it's undirected? To us mortals, a lot of things seem random (radioactive decay, genetic mutations, etc.), but who says these things are undirected? A process which seems random to us could make perfect sense to a deity, and could even be directly controlled by said deity. I don't see the need for mutual exclusion here.

Comment Re:Statement from BART (Score 2) 440

Paragraph 1: "We support the First Amendment." (It's scary enough that you even have to say such a thing nowadays)

Paragraph 2: "No First Amendment activities in the trains, boarding areas, or any other part of our property." (I love the "expressive activities" buzzphrase in this one)

Comment Re:Enough with the version number inflation! (Score 1) 247

For example, take removing the status bar. Chrome will expand the little URL popup that replaced the status bar if you continue hovering a link. Firefox 4 and 5 don't. And for some reason they randomly switch between left-aligning it and right-aligning the popup. And for fuck's sake, why don't you just expand the popup to fill the entire horizontal width of the window?! I've got the room to display the entire URL! Why doesn't Firefox bother doing so?!

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