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Comment: Not Rendered? (Score 1) 162

by Spez (#33835842) Attached to: Spammers Using Soft Hyphen To Hide Malicious URLs

Alright I did some testing in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera (all latest versions)

simple link, with a SHY character in the link. Depending on the format of the link (with a http, or without), All 4 browser did the exact thing we expected them to do : The link either showed the hyphen and linked to a hyphened page correctly (when I say "Showed", I mean, that if you mouse-over the link, you see the hyphen in the task bar) or just didn't show it and didn't link to a hyphened page.

So, I don't see the problem in here... i call this FUD.

Comment: In Quebec? (Score 0) 560

by Spez (#32669546) Attached to: 5.5 Earthquake Hits Canada; Felt in US Midwest, New England
The summary is completely misleading! The earthquake in "Quebec"? Do you mean Quebec city, 500+ km north-east of Ottawa? Or you mean "Quebec Province"? But that is pretty big (many times the size of France).

And why would you compare the position of a Province to a City??

That is just wrong. The epicenter was in Buckingham, 60km north of Ottawa.

Comment: Good for consumers though (Score 4, Insightful) 178

by Spez (#26493537) Attached to: Do Game Demos Have an Adverse Effect On Sales?
If we take the given fact that demos are there for the users to try the game before they buy it, to know if they like it enough to play a "full length" game, I think this is a good thing. And the only thing we can deduce from the fact that those game, if after the users played the demos, didn't want to buy them, well it meant that either they didn't like the game enough, they didn't feel like it was worth it, or the novelty of the game was over after the Demo.

In all the cases, the only thing the Demo did is to prevent the buyers from buying bad games or games they don't like. So it maybe hurt the game, but it was all for the benefit of the consumer.

On the other hand, if the game company want to try their hand at passing "bad" games for "good" games, so that the buyers buy bad stuff, they should stop the buyers from trying it before. If you want to sell a bottle of water as vodka to someone, don't let him taste it before!

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