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Comment: Re:"We have to take all threats seriously" (Score 1) 706

by SpeZek (#44849345) Attached to: Student Arrested For Using Phone App To 'Shoot' Classmates
Maybe talk to the kid, determine if this GAME represents novelty or intention? Talk to his teachers, see if he remotely poses an actual, tangible threat? Get the teachers to talk to his classmates? Lift one fucking finger before laying criminal charges on a child?

Comment: Re:practicalities make it impossible.. (Score 0, Troll) 770

by SpeZek (#44196733) Attached to: Why Are Japanese Men Refusing To Leave Their Rooms?

I just gave up after concluding that women are insane and this do not makes me "superior" to others, just different.

Right there you're claiming that 50% of the human population is insane. Presumably, you don't count yourself among them.

I can say - with all certainty - that I am one of the most respectful people you could ever meet.

Clearly not, since you don't respect women.
Oh, but wait, they don't want respect apparently, right? How's that working out?

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Journal: Slashdot: It ain't what it used to be (Or perhaps I'm not?)

Journal by SpeZek

I've been really considering dropping Slashdot from my daily reading list.

It's no longer a place where experts from dozens of fields can come together to provide insight on stories about technology, politics, or just general geek stuff. It's more of an echo chamber now. Linux vs. Microsoft. Men vs. Women. Everything is antagonistic and unproductive.

Comment: Re:It is protest. (Score 0) 770

by SpeZek (#44196425) Attached to: Why Are Japanese Men Refusing To Leave Their Rooms?

Whoop dee-do. Opinion pieces and anecdotes are pointless.

Nearly all my friends are women. They adore me. I've never been treated as "the enemy" by any woman I've ever met. Am I an "Uncle Tim" because I can interact well with 50% of the human population?

Incidentally, conflating men that are sympathetic to women with slaves that were excessively subservient to slavers is pretty much the most vile thing I've read all day. Thanks for linking that. No wonder you're treated like the enemy?

Comment: Re:I go to a fair amount of movies (Score 1) 924

by SpeZek (#44155181) Attached to: The Average Movie Theater Has Hundreds of Screens

So, what, when someone has to use the bathroom do you expect them to bring a bottle (funnel optional) so that they don't distract you from the movie?

A dark figure getting up and walking out is not all that uncommon nor distracting when compared to someone yanking out their iPhone with the brightness set to 11, lighting up the entire theatre as they tap out, painstakingly slowly, a 5 word tweet about how good the popcorn is.

I took a fish head to the movies and I didn't have to pay. -- Fish Heads, Saturday Night Live, 1977.