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Comment: Re:Easy fix (Score 1) 44

by _Sharp'r_ (#49565617) Attached to: The Engineer's Lament -- Prioritizing Car Safety Issues

Except of course, if you read the article (I know,must be new here) Ford actually _won_ the Pinto case and while they had previously (before the court case) agreed to install that plastic wall, the expert opinion was that it wouldn't actually accomplish anything and wouldn't have made any difference in the specific situation of the court case.

It's like saying horses should all be recalled because someone might fall off of them. Pintos were no more dangerous than other similar cars from all the other car companies. It's just how small, light cars were built in the days of high gas prices and associated regulations. Technology has advanced since then, but there are still trade-offs.

What most people "know" about Pintos is largely media-driven, not factual.

Comment: Re:Content Expert (Score 1) 326

by phantomfive (#49565339) Attached to: The Future Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

Once you are a full teacher, it takes a basic test to be able to teach other subjects. As in, so basic that back when I was in high school, if I were a licensed teacher, there were no subjects I looked at that I'd be unable to teach.

That doesn't sound like being a 'content expert.' Unless you count getting an education degree to be a content expert. And don't get me wrong, teachers do need expertise, it's not an easy job, but not necessarily in the subject they are teaching.

Comment: Re:With the best will in the world... (Score 1) 369

The intent isn't to save more fuel though, it's to improve that 0-60 time,

They only shave a couple of tenths, though, because of all the mass they have to add to support the hybrid system. It makes a pretty small difference there. The only place it makes a big difference is in fuel economy. It brings supercars into the twenties and hypercars into the double digits. So I don't buy all that bollocks about it not being for fuel economy. The only exception is that Koenigsegg without gears, it truly couldn't function without it.

Comment: Re:Taste (Score 1) 474

by drinkypoo (#49565019) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

Weird... I never worried about anything I ingest. But Sucralose / Splenda was the first thing that I ever drank that gave me an instant headache

Are you sure it didn't also have Acesulfame K?

I can taste aspartame right off, yuck. Never felt anything weird from it myself. But I still prefer sucralose, I've never felt anything weird from it either. I used a whole lot of it last time I was on the Atkins diet. My lady is afraid of it so we use stevia, and now monk fruit extract. When they bother to fill their shelves, Safeway now carries it without sugar, as a liquid. It's got some preservatives, of course, even though it sits on the shelf for about a picosecond.

Comment: Re:Still Acesulfame K (yuk!) (Score 1) 474

by drinkypoo (#49565009) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

The other sweetener I've seen showing up in sodas lately has been stevia. I normally avoid the stuff like the plague - tastes worse to me than aspartame does, though in a rotting-organic-bad way rather than a metallic-fake way. Maybe cola flavors can mask that, though.

No, no they can not. Cola in particular is horrible with Stevia. However, Zevia's Ginger Ale and Ginger Root Beer (which really just tastes like root beer) are both very good. I have been somewhat nauseated by their other flavors, so while this may be subjective, at least I'm discriminating.

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 474

by drinkypoo (#49564983) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

We have alternatives, people! Tap water is good for us, good for the environment, stunningly cheap and tastes pretty good.

Time for you to google "tap water amoeba death"

Also, tap water is absolutely fucking horrible for the environment. Here's how it works: we take water out of waterways and process it with chemicals, then when you're done you flush it down the toilet and then we process it with some more chemicals. Very little of this is necessary; country-dwellers can crap in a hole and process their drinking water with a RO membrane, using the waste water for irrigation, or via distillation, while city-dwellers' effluent can be processed with ponds.

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 474

by drinkypoo (#49564965) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

I forgot to mention though that saccharin is still dead in the market because it has a really strong aftertaste.

No, it's back, it just only shows up in specific places. For example, you can get sugar-free tonic water made with it. In that case, the quinine completely covers up the taste of the saccharin. For the same reason, I predict that stevia will enjoy widespread use in root beer and ginger ale, but not in lemon-lime soda or in cola. In the former cases, you can barely taste the leafy aftertaste. In the latter, it's all you can taste — at least, these are my experiences, and they jibe with those of my lady.

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 474

by drinkypoo (#49564939) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

The fruit and other foods which make a tiny amount of methanol also make ethanol, which protects the body from the methanol which by the way turns into formaldehyde. So diet soda consumed with similar protection food should be fine, however it is open question if drinking alone would be fine.

So what you're saying is that it's okay to use it as a mixer? That's what I'll tell the cops when they catch me tipping up my flask. "Well, it's part of my weight loss program..."

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 474

by drinkypoo (#49564919) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

Your body cannot "make" you eat something. You have a brain.

Which is part of your body.

The facts are facts: weight loss is a matter of calories in vs. calories out,

...but it's not calories into your mouth-hole, it's calories into your bloodstream. The ones that come out of your ass don't need to be counted. As they say, you're not what you eat, you are what you don't poop

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 474

by drinkypoo (#49564909) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

The hard parts are knowing how many calories you need and actually knowing how many calories are in what you're eating. Once you've done that it's just a daily budget.

Well, no. You also have to know how many calories you're going to take away from what you ate, which is not just different for everyone, but which varies not just from food to food but also from different samples of same. The carb content of chicken is always nil but two different strawberries can be off from one another by a factor of 100% or more.

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 474

by drinkypoo (#49564895) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

and i see fat people drinking it all the time so it doesn't seem to be working

That's because they're usually ordering it with a Double Big Mac combo ;)

I've always found it funny when people order like that. As if the diet pop is gonna counter the 2234872184732 calories of a double big mac you're about to wolf down. Not to mention the fries (which of course has been super sized!)

Have you ever actually looked up the numbers? In a Super Size (etc.) meal, the soda has more calories than any other single element, and they are all from sugar. Cutting it out might not make them svelte, but it's the single biggest improvement they can make in that "meal".

Anyway, the problem is that they're not just eating one meal. What got me to stop going to McDonald's was going in to get my one sausage biscuit with egg and cheese and standing in line behind a woman who was so fat she was having clearly audible breathing problems. She got the diet soda, too... and two McGriddles. Now I see her looming there, breathing louder and faster than Darth Vader, every time I think about eating at Mickey Deeznutz. Also there's the Pennywise/Ronald meme to keep the idea fresh. Mind you, I'm still pretty fat. I may be 6'7", but 275 is still fairly tubby. I only have so much room to talk... But then, I could have put on her sweatpants, she couldn't have got into my jeans.

Comment: Re:I'd settle for appropriate brightness (Score 1) 86

by drinkypoo (#49564825) Attached to: Smart Headlights Adjust To Aid Drivers In Difficult Conditions

Most of this is due to improperly installed HID conversions (Putting HID bulbs in without projectors/fake projectors).

It's actually dumber than that. It's putting in the wrong HID bulbs. You can get ones that put the arc in the right place, the same place that the halogen filament would be.

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