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+ - The Twilight copyright saga->

Submitted by Spazmania
Spazmania (174582) writes "When it's not breaking box office records, Summit Entertainment, the studio that made the Twilight series, is doing its best to make sure that if you want to see a vampire brooding, you do it through Summit. The company seems to be lobbing lawsuits at pretty much anyone who uses Twilight's name or images without its permission."
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Role Playing (Games)

+ - Second Life affair ends in divorce->

Submitted by Spazmania
Spazmania (174582) writes "A British couple who married in a lavish Second Life wedding ceremony are to divorce after one of them had an alleged "affair" in the online world. Amy Taylor, 28, said she had caught husband David Pollard, 40, having sex with an animated woman. Taylor is now in a new relationship with a man she met in the online roleplaying game World of Warcraft."
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