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+ - Sony buys Ericsson->

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Spassoklabanias writes "Sony has confirmed that it will pay $1.47 billion for Ericsson’s 50 percent share in Sony Ericsson.

The joint venture was founded back in October 2011 and it established itself as one of the most successful phone makers in the years to follow. However, the outfit struggled to adapt to new market trends and its sales plummeted over the past five years, from 103 million units in 2007 to just over 43 million last year.

Sony will also get an IP cross licensing agreement, allowing it to use the joint venture’s patents pertaining to wireless communications, which should come in handy for its tablet business."

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Comment: Re:Meanwhile... (Score 0) 335

by Spassoklabanias (#29921441) Attached to: New Threats Against Pirate Bay Owners

Also, why is this under "Your Rights Online?" Nobody has a right to illegally download copyrighted materials.

Speaking of illegal downloads what's so illegal about it anyway? In my mind, it is (or is it 'it should have been'?) illegal for a person to use software he didn't acquire legally.

I can't think of a good car analogy, but I'm pretty sure labeling a download as 'illegal' is stupid. It series of 0s and 1s. How can I predict their sequence and how am I supposed to know that a particular sequence of 0s and 1s is someone else's work before using (ie installing / viewing / printing etc) those bytes?

Comment: Re:IBM's hardware vendor mind is taking over (Score 0) 863

by Spassoklabanias (#29820295) Attached to: IBM's Answer To Windows 7 Is Ubuntu Linux

What's wrong with IBM recommending people switch to Linux? It was IBM who recommended Microsoft DOS originally..... now they are simply recommending a different product to run on the PC platform

Because the mantra will become "KDE ought to be enough for anybody" which isn't fun anymore.


Google Brings Chrome Renderer, Speedy Javascript To IE 239

Posted by kdawson
from the behind-enemy-lines dept.
A month after we discussed Google's bringing SVG to IE, several readers let us know that Google is expanding the beachhead by offering Chrome's renderer and speedy Javascript execution in an IE plugin. This effort is in service of allowing IE to participate in Google Wave when that technology's preview is extended in a week's time. The plugin, currently in an early stage of development, is called Google Chrome Frame.

Comment: Open minded character stereotypes (Score 0) 504

by Spassoklabanias (#25283279) Attached to: Ask Blizzard Employees About Things That Matter

To Leonard Boyarsky, lead world designer on Diablo III

I believe one of the most exciting features of Diablo III, which made the distinctive difference between D3 and WoW is that there are no character stereotypes. The same class can be developped in so many different ways. Although there are cookie-cutter builds, there are several more which are viable and fun. How do you cope with the balancing?


Hasbro Sues Makers of Scrabble-Like Scrabulous 395

Posted by timothy
from the cryin'-shame-continues dept.
Dekortage writes "As today's lawsuit indicates, Hasbro has apparently had enough of Scrabulous, the online word game remarkably similar to Scrabble. Filed in New York, Hasbro's suit is against Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, brothers from Kolkata, India, and asks the court to remove the Scrabulous application from Facebook, disable the web site, and grant damages and attorneys fees to Hasbro. Why did Hasbro tale so long to 'protect' its intellectual property rights in court? They waited 'in deference to the fans' until EA had launched the official Scrabble Facebook app earlier this month. EA's version has netted fewer than ten thousand players, versus Scrabulous' estimated 2.3 million. This was the next logical step for Hasbro after filing DMCA takedown notices against Scrabulous in January."

Pittsburgh Cancer Center Warns of Cell Phone Risks 555

Posted by timothy
from the stick-it-in-your-ear dept.
RevWaldo contributes a link to an AP story carried by Google, according to which "The head of a prominent cancer research institute issued an unprecedented warning to his faculty and staff Wednesday: Limit cell phone use because of the possible risk of cancer. The warning from Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, is contrary to numerous studies that don't find a link between cancer and cell phone use, and a public lack of worry by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration." RevWaldo continues: "One possible solution offered? 'Use a wireless headset.' No risk of EM exposure from one of them, no sirree!"
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Spore Creatures Now Outnumber Known Earth Species 128

Posted by timothy
from the does-not-count-the-hollow-earth-creatures dept.
GBC writes "AFP is reporting that, as of a week ago, the number of creatures in the "Spore" database exceeded the number of known species on Earth. They are created using 'Creature Creator,' which is available in a free (with limited parts) or paid download at the Spore website. Will Wright seems extremely happy with the progress so far: 'We hit 100K in 22 hours and a million by the end of the first week. The numbers are just blowing us away.'"

+ - 1,000 trillion operations per second

Submitted by Spassoklabanias
Spassoklabanias (1295839) writes "IBM's supercomputer fastest supercomputer is nicknamed Roadrunner for a reason: it broke the limit of 1,000 operations per second (1 pentaflop). It is developed for the U.S. Department of Energys National Nuclear Security Administration at IBMs Poughkeepsie lab and will be delivered to the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico this summer. Once installed, it will be devoted to safeguarding Americas national security, as well as for research into areas ranging from genomics, to astronomy, to climate change."

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