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Comment Re:It's pretty obvious what happened to them (Score 1) 207

While your concept is good it would still have the effect of depressing wages which is what the H-1B program is used for.

My idea on the whole issue is different and I am even willing to take the companies at their word. So:
1. The companies always claim that they can't find people who can do the work or can't train them in time so they have to bring in foreign workers.
2. This tells us two things. The first is that these are some very highly specialized skills that apparently no one in a country of about 320 million has. Also it tells us that these skills are extremely critical for the company more so than even the skills of those at the CxO level since they don't have time to train someone, yet companies can go without a permanent CEO for quite some time.
3. The H-1B is a temporary worked program not a permanent worker program. .

So my proposal is that companies can bring in H-1Bs provided that they are the highest compensated individuals at the company they work for and that they are the highest compensated person at the company they are doing work for. This means total compensation including, base pay, stock options, vacation, expense accounts, medical, relocation, company travel, etc. For huge companies they can afford this since they are huge, but even for small companies who need one person for one job one time it would still be possible to get the one person as they are a small company and typically don't have huge payroll anyway. Make this change and we will see just how critical H-1Bs are. I have no doubt that there are cases where there is an actual need but like everyone else around here I see the abuse of the system.

I frequently write my worker hating congress critters but my war hawk Representative, John Kline, who never responds to messages on this topic same with Senator Al Franken. My other Senator Amy Klobuchar actually seems actively hostile towards skilled labor as she has been one of the main supporters of expanding or removing the existing H-1B caps.

Comment Re:Debt collectors don't like robo calls either... (Score 1) 251

I just wish debt collectors weren't so fucking dumb. There is someone who is substantially older than I am with the same name and they apparently took out some student loans before I was even born. The debt is so old that any of the reputable debt collection agencies have long since given up on it and now it is passed around to the scummy ones. Every 3-6 months it gets sold to some shitty company and they call a bunch of times and don't believe me that it is physically impossible for this debt to be mine since it dates to 10 years before my birth. Some of them I have sent letters to stating that it can't be mine if I was able to get contact information from them but they never pay attention to that it seems. Eventually they stop and then it gets sold to the next shitty company. A lot of these shitty companies don't even provide a phone number on the caller ID or it is some BS like 1-800-444-5555 so good luck ever finding out who they really are.

Comment Re:Oh good, a reason (Score 1) 348

Vote for one of the lesser parties. Make it clear that you don't want what either of the 2 major parties are offering. There is usually several choices on each of the left/right spectrum to choose from. I know that many people will say that is throwing your vote away but is it any worse than not voting or voting for turd A with a D after their name or voting for turd B with a R after their name?

Comment Re:Tax Returns??? (Score 1) 176

Well considering that I seem to only be able to get my total additional yearly tax bill to +-$1500 each year it is pretty difficult. I don't like the loan but when you have variable income sources that come in as 1099-MISC from prize winnings, my wife quilts and some years she does well at shows and other years not so much. Between some years the swing in income is almost $10,000 so it is kind of hard to deal with that other than put some of the winnings aside to cover the taxes.

Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 4, Informative) 293

People keep shooting up schools and other public places with automatic weapons.

I don't think anyone has used a fully automatic weapon to shoot up a school. Granted the San Bernardino shooters had a fully auto weapon (maybe 2) but that was illegally modified so it isn't like they just went down to the store and picked one up.

Such weapons are not that useful for hunting, and of somewhat dubious value for self defense

What weapons, fully auto machine guns that no one has used in a school shooting or semi automatic weapons? I assume you mean semi automatic ones which are very effective for hunting. They have been used for years. My grandfather used a semi automatic Remington 11-48 for pheasant, duck, and goose hunting for years from about 1950 until he gave up hunting in the late 70s. For years I deer hunted with a Romanian SKS as the SKS basically replaced the lever action .30-30 as the bare bones entry level deer rifle. Lots of people use to hunt with old M1 Garands that they got through the CMP and I wouldn't mind using one for deer hunting. The .223 AR15 type weapons are a very popular and effective varmint rifle for things like packs of coyotes, and prairie dogs.

I can't speak to the self defense aspect but a semi auto shotgun seems like it would be pretty good for home defense. Also I don't think may people are carrying around a long gun for self defense, most people prefer a much smaller handgun.

Comment Re:Militant Slashdot (Score 2) 293

Well unlike most of Europe there are large predators in the US. That is why some times I carry a large handgun, but then I only carry when I am out in the woods as there are things like bears, wolves, cougars, and bobcats for large predators there. Also my handgun would not be a good choice for home defense or regular carry as it is huge (hard to conceal) and very powerful (will make a very big hole in the target). Also my healthy fear of the large predators isn't unfounded I have had a good number of close encounters with the large predators in the north woods of Minnesota and haven't had to shoot any of the critters as a single shot into a tree has scared them off but if it didn't the next would kill them. I also try to stay clear of them as I generally know where they are but they do move around so you never know for sure. It sucks being stalked by wolves, coming around a corner to see bear trying to get something in a hollow log, having a cougar walk up to your deer stand with you in it, seeing a mamma bear send her cubs up a tree, or getting back to camp and see a bobcat trying to get into your trunk to get the half a pack of bacon left in the cooler in there.

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