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Comment: Re:Someone should explain to them... (Score 1) 150

by Sparrow1492 (#37935546) Attached to: Amazon Launching eBook Lending Program, Publishers Unenthusiastic
It's coming to a lot of libraries, and in fact many have this service. The problem is that they must buy another copy of the book to make it available electronically. In a time of tight budgets, this means that it can come down to either having 2 copies of the same book or 2 different ones on the shelf. I've found in trying to get books for my 8-year old to read on her Nook, the children’s selection electronically is pretty much nil.

Comment: Re:$660 per person per year voice and data plan (Score 1) 74

by Sparrow1492 (#37385860) Attached to: GameStop's Upcoming Android Tablet
Yes, it's my $260 10" Viewsonic G-Tablet. Sure it's wifi only, but I have instant portable entertainment for 3 children with only the sunk cost. Even my 3 year old has figured out how to bounce back and forhte between the Angry Birds versions to get the one she wants. And I'm not shelling out $40 bucks a game either for a DS cartridge.

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