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Comment: Re:Account security (Score 2) 186

by Sparr0 (#38278162) Attached to: Scammers Work Around Two-Factor Authentication With Social Engineering

They could get the serial number off your token generator and compromise the token provider's database. I've replaced token generators with software token generators in the past to streamline helpdesk operations, we had a database full of the token keys. If that got compromised, it would be bad.

Comment: Re:Android/iPhone UI performance (Score 1) 260

by Sparr0 (#35525530) Attached to: Nexus S Beats iPhone 4 In 'Real World' Web Browsing Tests

A) We obviously have different priorities. I'll continue to be happy with other devices and you'll continue to be happy with Apple devices. That won't change.

B) Your argument, as a whole, is bunk. Apple users switched to the iPod when it was, at best, a weak contender in the MP3 player market, and to the iPhone from other phones, smart or otherwise, in 2007, when there were no third party apps for the iPhone and Steve Jobs was saying there never would be, because web "apps" should be good enough. No "software ecosystem" and no sign of one. No matter how awesome the iDevices get, this sort of behavior will always remain telling of some significant driving force behind these decisions that has nothing to do with the quality of the device. Apple will never revamp their pricing due to competition, because Apple users will keep buying Apple products no matter how they compare to the competition.

Comment: Re:Android/iPhone UI performance (Score 1) 260

by Sparr0 (#35523012) Attached to: Nexus S Beats iPhone 4 In 'Real World' Web Browsing Tests

If the animations on the Android device always lag behind or are always jerky then you have a point, but not one related to this subthread. We are specifically discussing situations where the otherwise-smooth animation is interrupted. *Something* is causing that interruption, and that something has a higher (well, likely the same) priority as the animation, and that's how I want it to be.

I would rather have no animations and a faster system. This is why I have "eye candy" turned off in my desktop window manager. People who like the way Apple devices handle this situation are the same people who have animations on their menus in their desktop OS. They make it appear smoother and prettier, and really just slow down every single menu operation by some fraction of a second.

Comment: Re:Android/iPhone UI performance (Score 0, Troll) 260

by Sparr0 (#35521264) Attached to: Nexus S Beats iPhone 4 In 'Real World' Web Browsing Tests

There are only so many CPU cycles to go around. By showing you that nice smooth 60FPS scrolling animation, they are slowing down something else that probably has some actual productive function. Would you rather have a smooth transition that takes 1 second or a jerky animation (or none at all) that takes .5 seconds? The different answers to that question are what separate "Apple Users" from the rest of us.

This goes back to the iOS app startup "screenshot" requirement. Apple requires apps to include a screenshot to be displayed before the app completely opens, to trick users into thinking the phone is faster than it is. The practical effect is that every single app is 20-100kB larger and starts a fraction of a second slower, but "Apple Users" don't care about that, they just want it to be prettier.


+ - Man faces 5 years in jail for linking to Fox News-> 1

Submitted by
SonicSpike writes "In a case against a New York website owner, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is claiming that merely linking to copyrighted material is a crime.

DHS, along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), seized Brian McCarthy's domain,, in late January. The site has now been replaced with a government warning: "This domain has been seized by ICE — Homeland Security Investigations, Special Agent in Charge, New York Office." The advocacy group Demand Progress has claimed that McCarthy never reproduced copyrighted material, and that his website simply linked to other sites.

A criminal complaint obtained by the group seems to acknowledge that agents knew that McCarthy was running a "linking website." While the criminal complaint alleges that McCarthy did engage in the "reproduction and distribution" of copyrighted material, it is never clear that he actually reproduced any of the specified broadcasts."

Link to Original Source

+ - New layout remains broken?->

Submitted by
Sparr0 writes "I continue to be mostly unable to use Slashdot on the new layout.

It looks like this.

5 stories on the front page, 4 of which are usually collapsed by default. I can't tell why the top story appears as a speech bubble from the search box, there's usually a "tip of the day" type of note in a speech bubble there. Clicking the "Many more" button yields a circular progress animation for a few seconds, then back to "Many more" with no new stories. The "Fullscreen" link at the bottom seems to do nothing. Clicking the 2pm/1pm buttons shows me a specific hour block of stories, I think.

When I click on stories I am usually greeted with a false opportunity to get first post:
This story has 0 Comments ...
This discussion was created for logged-in users only. ...
Post a Comment

I also can't normally find any way to submit a story. I had to refresh the page a dozen times to get the link for this page from a tip-of-the-day bubble.

There are many other ways in which the new layout is much less useful or usable than the old. Why did this leave beta and get foisted on us? Why haven't I seen any other discussion of this, on the few stories where I can see comments? And, most importantly, where is the best place to ask questions like this, when you're having problems using Slashdot so you can't really ask on slashdot?"

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+ - Woman Dies in Her Cubicle, Nobody Notices->

Submitted by jIyajbe
jIyajbe (662197) writes "Ever feel like no one notices all the effort you put into your job?

Well, hopefully they at least notice you're alive and breathing. If not, you could find yourself in the same situation as Rebecca Wells, a 51-year-old woman who died in her cubicle Friday in Los Angeles County.

Though she died on Friday, she was unnoticed at her desk in the Department of Internal Services until Saturday. The county coroner is yet to determine the cause of death."

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+ - Jim Gettys explains bufferbloat->

Submitted by mtaht
mtaht (603670) writes "Judging from the conversation on slashdot, a large percentage of commenters didn't “get” bufferbloat. Judging from the reaction at LCA, a large percentage did, which was encouraging. For those that didn't get it, here's Jim Gettys explaining bufferbloat in 45 minutes, with accompanying slides, talking at about 750 millilampsons."
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