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Comment Re:Is nobody else flashing back (Score 1) 278

Completely! One of my favorite books. I think Stross mentions in the afterword that he borrowed the robot-company chain idea from someone, but I doubt it was originally conceived of in Python. Of course, if someone did this, it'd be immediately tagged as violating the IP of a flash trading bot company...

Comment To answer the question (Score 1) 696

I use a Zip-Linq USB multi-head charging cable. About $10 most places, and you can get heads for just about anything. Fits in a very small bag.

Currently I charge with it:
Nintendo DS
Nokia e61i
Nokia LD-1W GPS
Bluetooth headset (anything with USB Mini-B)
iPod 5th gen (anything with standard USB)

The power source is either a laptop, desktop, cigarette lighter USB adapter, or a USB wall-power converter.

I had to order the e61i head, model "NK2", from the mfr, but that was easy enough. I also have a 9-volt booster tip; I believe the charger itself is 5v.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - U.S. slipping in ITO, Pakistan on the rise?->

Stephanie Overby writes: "A.T. Kearney came out with its annual list of the "best" places to send IT services work. Countries like the U.S. and Canada are sliding fast (the U.S. ranks 20 out of 50 countries), while others like Senegal, Mauritius, Uruguay, and Pakistan are gaining ground, says the IT consulting house.

CIO magazine says, "Seriously?"

BusinessWeek highlighted ten new countries on A.T. Kearney's list of top offshore outsourcing destinations.

Estonia made an auspicious entrance at number 15 on the top 50 countdown edging out such well-known offshore players as Russia, Israel, and our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada.

Other A.T. Kearney debutantes included Latvia, Lithuania, Uruguay, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Senegal, Ukraine, and Pakistan.

Yes, Pakistan...

Countries were ranked on financial attractiveness based on compensation and infrastructure costs; people attractiveness (not physical!) based on skills, language capability, educational resources, and size of IT workforce; and economic/political environment."

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