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Comment: This is basically the Apple vs Palm situation (Score 2, Insightful) 190

by bl968 (#29684323) Attached to: IBM Faces DOJ Antitrust Inquiry On Mainframes

But if this was Apple vs Palm and iTunes instead of IBM and a mainframe OS, the fanboi's would be saying but Apple developed their software and have the right to deny the use of it to anyone else. Since this is IBM I bet the debate is going the other way... Lets go take a peek....

Comment: Hey - a new Ask Slashdot idea is born! (Score 4, Insightful) 391

by VoxMagis (#29684181) Attached to: Photoshop Disaster Draws DMCA Notice For Boing Boing

Yes, the DMCA is stupid.

Now, can I ask WHY people buy T-Shirts, undies, etc from big designers?

I just don't see why you would buy something for $100 from a designer label when you can buy something without a name on it for $4. I mean, the amount of marketing that has to go into this must be insane! It would be one thing if the big fancy labels used legitimate, well-paid, non-sweatshop labor to make these things, but I don't see that happening.

Comment: Re:Summary is wrong (Score 1) 90

by trb (#29683197) Attached to: IBM Researchers Working Toward Cheap, Fast DNA Reader
the first-ever sequencing done for the Human Genome Project, which cost $3 billion.

The biggest problem with this sentence is its misplaced prepositional phrase. The Human Genome Project probably cost $3B up to some point, but the sentence may imply that the first sequencing cost $3B. There was a recent article in the NY Times discussing this problem.

Comment: Re:After reciving an e-mail that appeared... (Score 1) 360

by sorak (#29682957) Attached to: Why the FBI Director Doesn't Bank Online

slightly off topic, but my biggest complaint is when legitimate sites use domains that are not their primary domain for this stuff. You will have a site like, and they will have links to (I know that First Horizons does something like this, and is a non-bank entity that does this.)

Is it that they don't know that a domain like that can belong to anybody, or that they don't care? this kind of thing reinforces the bahaviors that make identity theft possible.

P.S., I considered a third option: They buy these domains to keep legitimate phishers from grabbing them, and then say "as long as we have this dubious knock-off, we'd might as well use it for something". A fourth option is that they have never heard of vhosts.

Comment: Re:Wrong Question (Score 1) 191

by Dragonslicer (#29682519) Attached to: Design Starting For Matter-Antimatter Collider
Yeah, I figured that there would be lost energy in a few places, but I'm assuming that the efficiency in the generation stage would improve over time. With enough engineering and technological advancement, matter/antimatter annihilation should eventually be more efficient than just about any energy storage method we have now.

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