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Comment Neurotypical is too much to hope for right now (Score 1) 121

If a conversational bot can get to the level of Aspergers (I know, I know, who the hell cares if it's in DSM-5) then I'll be awfully happy.

Though...if you're using it less for conversation, and more for fact scraping, I guess that makes things way more important. Trying to think of how people recognize sarcasm, and it seems to be "a person is stating--without expressing uncertainty or hedging--something that I have good reason to think they don't believe". It seems like every culture also has their own shorthand for sarcastically agreeing with someone, but the shorthand isn't always recognizable cross-culturally (Americans visiting England have a big problem here).

The big AI problem here is, you have to be able to model the writer's thoughts and guess what their opinions are. Ask your stereotypical left-winger and right-winger about gun control and they might both say "Oh, yeah, that's exactly what we need", but you need to be able to predict their actual opinions in order to know if there's dissonance or not. Makes it hard to detect sarcasm in people you don't know anything about, unless they're using shorthand ("yeah right", "great idea--let's discuss it later")

Comment Re:Unpopular opinion (Score 1) 57

Who said anything about banning? This doesn't ban drones. This regulates where and how you can fly them and mandates registration...just like we have traffic laws and mandate car registration. I doubt the first cars had license plates either; now they do.

It's not like they're mandating drone pilot licenses, either.

Comment Unpopular opinion (Score 1) 57

Those restrictions sound 100% reasonable for all outdoor flight, period, without specific commercial licenses. The golden days of drones, where most users were hobbyists who cared about safety and were few in number, are over. As much as I'd like to keep flying a craft with totally automatic gps guidance outside of my line of sight--it's irresponsible these days. It only takes one collision between a couple of heavy craft over a crowd of people to cause a crackdown much worse than this.

Comment Re:Still going to be optional (Score 1) 46

No, this system doesn't inject new stuff. It reorganizes people you already follow. If you use Twitter to follow a bajillion human rights or news feeds (like a big part of their userbase), it means you'll mostly see the stuff with a lot of likes up top, and junk tweets with no info probably won't spam you. If you don't follow them you won't see them, aside from the sponsored stuff, and everybody's gotta make a living.

Comment Still going to be optional (Score 0) 46

Yes it'll be opt-out eventually, but (as someone who's definitely keeping this feature off) I'm not convinced that this isn't what a majority of users want. Vocal power-users who use it to keep close contact with friends, sure, but those aren't a majority. I'm pretty sure that important stories and world-news stories are going to keep getting enough likes to keep them on top.

It would be really nice if there was a feature to display all tweets from specific users, and only high ranked ones from other users...would cut down on spam a lot. As it is, it's really hard to follow lots of people because the signal to noise ratio is just that bad on any kind of social media.

Comment Re: A machine... (Score 1) 506

OK so when you said "If it has not reached sexual maturity do not have sex with it, or fantasize about sex with it," you were wrong? Could you be more accurate about what types of "its" that have not reached sexual maturity is OK to depict in sexually explicit drawings, and what type isn't? Why are slugs OK, but non-human aliens are not OK? Say, if there was a story about humans that were genetically engineered for deep space exploration and reached full brain development by the age of 5 along with an accelerated education regime, but otherwise physically developed like normal humans, would it be OK to depict sexual acts between those people? Or how about if someone was having sex with a sexually immature slug, but then it turned out to be a human child disguised with a cloak that made them look like a slug later on? Or what if it was actually a sexually immature slug, but was disguised with a cloak that made it look like a child?

Comment Re:Twitter shouldn't be shutting anyone down.. (Score 1) 832

My comment was intended to point out a simple fact: an obligation, be it externally or internally imposed, to print the words of others will naturally come at the cost of other basic human rights. I never intended to suggest that meant printing the words of others was a bad thing, since I do agree that the right should extend beyond what the government permits. Even so, because of those costs, I also believe that the extent to which the right is extended should be left to the individual to decide. Otherwise, as we agree, it would result in the trampling of rights.

No, actually, we don't agree on that. At least not based on that argument alone. Analogy: I think it's morally wrong to refer to your girlfriend as a dumb bitch in public and private. There should not be any government regulation against it (short of high-threshold abuse), but there should most certainly be a social and internalized cost to it. Do you feel guilty if you flick your booger on the floor? Do you think that feeling of guilt tramples on your rights? Would you look down on someone who farts in the elevator? How about someone who refuses to teach their children any sex ed? Is it OK to be repulsed when someone has bad breath or dorito dust on their shirt? The old adage about your right to swing your fist ending where my nose begins is much too crude to capture the nuances of morality, ethics, and social norms outside of the law.

Remember, the law, basically, means one thing -- a rule which can and will be violently enforced. You won't be locked in a cage at gunpoint for farting in an elevator. Nor will you be locked in a cage at gunpoint for censoring speech on your massive online discussion platform. That's the only thing you and I definitely agree on.

TL;DR: this

Comment Re:Random list (Score 1) 1833

One more thing about the mobile interface -- it's really slow. Granted I have a crappy underpowered android, but I can still browse most websites just fine. I'm not sure if the problem is heavy scripting crapping out the processor, or a lot of requests piling onto the (fast but still not THAT fast) 4G connection, but it's extremely hard to use.

Comment Re:I can give input there! (Score 1) 224

MindRover: The Europa Project was actually pretty good! And I'm working on a...well, not clone of it right now, but directly inspired. You program it with transistors and stuff. It's not computer-newbie friendly like MindRover was, but it's kinda fun to implement super-tiny computers out of bare metal.

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