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Comment: Re:Easy fix. (Score 1) 62 62

They can take my pre-Hangouts Chat when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers. Or disable the classic version, whatever, but I might actually move services if that happens.

Does Hangouts still refuse to show status icons for available/away or PC/phone? What the hell kind of chat application doesn't even let you see when the person you're talking to is there?

Comment: Re:"Or Tor?" (Score 1, Insightful) 256 256

Man, Tor has been a joke for years now. It's commonly accepted that it's compromised with dozens of documented or secretive exploits all over its endpoints. It feels like it offers about as much security as putting a password on a zip file: enough to discourage someone who doesn't really care.

Comment: Re:Welcome! (Score 1) 1083 1083

There was a lot of research into how that happened in California. Basically all the liberal voters said "dude, it's california, there's no way we could possibly lose because we vastly outnumber our opposition, let's stay home and smoke pot" while the conservative voters threw a ton of money at getting out the vote. Public votes on the issue never seem to mirror opinion polls, nowhere near.

Comment: Re:Welcome! (Score 1) 1083 1083

In case you haven't noticed, a lot of Republican candidates are already saying "well I didn't support it but now it's the law of the land" and they're going to ignore it as much as possible, talking meaningless fluff while their party manages to avoid rights actually being taken away. This election would go much worse for the Republicans if marriage equality was lost--there'd be a lot of people angry at them, but the number of people angry at this ruling is a lot less.

Same with the ACA being ruled constitutional (even if its wording was really questionable). It's not the outcome Republicans wanted, but it'll help them a ton in the elections. If they smacked it down and a bunch of people lost insurance, then you've got a bunch of angry people on election day.

Yeah. Liberal victories in the Supreme Court means that the Liberal base is content while the Conservative base is all riled up. Oh yeah, and remember that odds are in favor of the next sitting president appointing multiple supreme court justices. Whatever their policies are, doesn't have nearly as much effect as replacing Kennedy with someone who's not a swing vote.

Comment: The current value is barely above minimum wage! (Score 4, Interesting) 381 381

In Washington state where I am, the current value is $9.47 (pretty high in the country and our economy is great, thanks). This current cutoff is the salary equivalent of making a little over $11 an hour, IF they only work you 40 hours a week. That's...pretty low. It also means that if they work you something like nine and a half hours a day on average, you're making less than minimum wage by hour. There's a lotta low grade QA jobs in the tech industry with hours like that and pretty low pay...

Comment: Re:*I* own my overtime (Score 2, Insightful) 381 381

Not gonna argue tooooo much, but remember that the pool of good jobs is a lot smaller than the pool of people who want them. Slackers and people who don't advance their own skills won't get too far, but if everyone did their damnedest, a lot of people would still get stuck with the jobs nobody wants.

Comment: Re:Popup notifications (Score 2) 95 95

I swear there used to be an attachment-specific lab that would check your outgoing email for keywords that imply an attachment, and if they were present but you didn't attach anything, would warn you before sending. I don't see it on the list of labs now though. Maybe I hallucinated it.

Comment: Seattle too (Score 4, Insightful) 203 203

Yeah, we've got the same thing around Seattle, including radio ads where they ask people "how many yearly traffic fatalities do you think are acceptable" and of course people say zero. How silly. If someone is senile and doesn't look before taking a left turn...if a kid rides their bike directly into the road ignoring crosswalks...if someone is staring at their phone and walks in front of a moving bus...those are sad but they are pretty acceptable to me.

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