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Comment Re:In nearly 25 years in the gaming industry... (Score 1) 119

Except in those, you're done with the whole game in 20-60 hours, and a lot of that is story. Unless you're insanely dedicated and bored, you're not going to farm one area for more than a couple hours, and probably nowhere near even that. The scenery changes a lot, and you rarely have to run for five minutes to get where you're going.

Not arguing that it's not a grind, I guess, but there's still a pretty big difference. I spent a couple hours grinding early-game in Final Fantasy 5 a couple months ago for an easier time in the Four Job Fiesta, and I was set for a leisurely cruise through the rest of the game. In most MMOs, a two hour grind is...unambitious.

Comment Re:In nearly 25 years in the gaming industry... (Score 1) 119

Well, in Zork, the higher your APS the higher your FPS!

Text aside, the graphical ones really were classics too. Not to the level of Zork 1 or Zork Zero, but Return to Zork was iconic, and Zork Grand Inquisitor pulled off some of the old humor in a way that was more Infocom than Lucasarts.

Comment Those people who own 1-3 games... (Score 1) 119

...I'm really interested in how much money they spent. This article says there's a lot of people who ONLY own a moba and nothing else. Um, those things are generally free to play, you hit download and you get it with no effort. People who only "own" a moba on steam, and no other games, aren't customers. They probably play plenty of other games...just not on steam. But regardless, if you aren't making a f2p, you can pretend that people whose accounts only have f2ps don't exist.

Comment Re: Yes (Score 1) 698

If you're going to use it as one, you'd better damn well hope you can show a court that you own it for brush clearing. Kinda like if you keep a baseball bat in your car for defense, you should keep a baseball glove too, or a court is likely to find that it's an intentional weapon instead of serendipitous self defense.

Comment Re:Better keyboard?! What. (Score 1) 435

Actually, by accelerators I mean things like dialogues where a letter on some radio button or field label underlined, and you press alt-[letter] to go straight to that option. (I think that's the name for them?) I haven't seen that anywhere in Mac, and cross-platform programs like SourceTree have them in Windows but not in Mac. Drives me up the wall, but it isn't truly keyboard related...just typical bad Mac design.

Comment Better keyboard?! What. (Score 3, Insightful) 435

I cringe every time I have to use a Mac keyboard. They're awful. In what universe are they better? They're usually not even full keyboards. The one I'm stuck with at work doesn't even have pgup/pgdn, not even with the fn key. There's holes where you could put them near the arrow keys, too, like a sane laptop, but nooo.

Okay, I like the extra bucky bit, but that's an OS thing and it isn't worth the price of "nothing on a macintosh has accelerator keys".

Comment Re:I would laugh so hard... (Score 2) 105

I dunno--in modern society, things that seem viscerally scary are often important or necessary (nuclear power, say) and things that seem reasonable at first glance can be dangerous. Losing instinctive fear and replacing it with cold rationality seems like an improvement for species survival, depending on what you think the nastiest Great Filter is.

Never trust an operating system.