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by Sowelu (#47434969) Attached to: What Happens When Gaming Auteurs Try To Go It Alone?

I don't know much about what he actually did at Epic aside from some of Unreal Tournament's best maps (it was pretty awesome that it showed the author name when you loaded a map) and I don't know what his job was the other companies at all. Was he a coder? Designer? Producer? Artist/art director? Nothing but level-design-o-rama?

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Cyclists ARE a menace, to themselves. I nearly killed one two years ago because he blew a stop sign coming down a hill, swerved in front of me, hooked his tires into a trolley track and fell over about 20' in front of my car. If I hadn't been driving below the speed limit he would have been street pizza.

Biking in hilly, high density areas (like downtown Seattle) should require a license. One that can be revoked.

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See though isn't that destruction of evidence? Which is pretty clearly illegal.

"Oh, you were looking for documents at my house? Sorry, I built my filing cabinet to shred and burn everything if I don't press a button every week" -- if you're arrested for (for example) financial fraud and you pull that kind of BS, you're in deep trouble. In fact, after you've started being investigated for something, any action to destroy potential evidence is super suspicious and may well be specifically illegal, even if (especially if) there's no way after the fact to prove whether it was incriminating or not. Just because you took that action far in the past when you set up the dead man's switch, doesn't excuse you from the consequences.

It's well established in corporate cases that people have an obligation to prevent automatic deletion of materials during an investigation. I'd be surprised if that didn't hold for private citizens too, why wouldn't it? If you would reasonably expect that the police have a lawful reason to search your documents, and you don't volunteer that those documents exist and are going to be deleted...I really don't see any ethical difference between that, and finding some way to delete them remotely yourself.

In a criminal case I don't see an ethical difference between "I did X and Y happened", and "I knew Y would happen if I didn't do X, and I didn't do it". Kind of like "I cut her brake line" vs "I knew her brake line was cut, and that she was going to drive the car, and I didn't inform her".

If there's an argument that a dead man's switch really is ethically different from active deletion...and I really do mean ethically different, not "more likely to get you off the hook for a crime"...I'd love to hear it.

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Honest question as a heavy C# user. Why Visual Basic? What advantage does it give, either in function or practice or even aesthetics, over C#? It seems that they are functionally identical but that C# has the better syntax; clearly there must be some reason VB.NET is still around though. Enlighten me please?

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Just rediscovered Alien Legacy, a true Sierra golden age underdog from 1994. It's a space colonization game that's not a 4X, how novel!

I really really wish I could find all those old DOS TSRs from the mid-late 80s. I had one that put a bunch of ascii smiley face characters on the dos prompt that careened around and bounced off of lines of text; hold ctrl or alt to make them go in circles. I would not be surprised if it was really, truly lost in time with no remaining copies.

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Visual Studio when doing C# stuff. Eclipse when doing Java stuff. On Linux, vim or notepad++ when doing C stuff or any other random shell junk. On Windows, notepad++ (okay, let's be honest, it's usually just noteBut I always wind up missing Visual Studio. It seems to fit my workflows best, and if it worked well with Java I'd replace Eclipse with it in an instant.

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As an Age of Empires / Empire Earth fan, I respectfully assert that I prefer random maps. If I'm going to sink a few hundred hours into getting good at a game, I prefer to win by skillful improvising instead of by optimizing my build orders around map travel routes that are known to-the-second and careful memorization of tile counts where I know I can block off a passage most efficiently every game. If your asymmetrical armies are well defined (and admittedly, that means they are not very asymmetrical), no map will give such an extreme advantage that it can't be overcome by spotting it early and adapting your strategy to force an engagement somewhere else. Or, hell, 'when he sees this advantageous narrow passage he's sure to build a lot of scissors units, so I'll build a bunch of rocks in anticipation and take bigger advantage than he will'.

It seems like random-map RTSes and hand-built-map RTSes are really different subgenres altogether, and they draw different crowds.

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Already posted, but got a better idea. Combine it with that Myo thing that measures your tendons or whatever so it can tell what hand or finger motions you're making. The hell with touch control or voice control: Make it something you can operate by only moving the hand it's strapped to, without touching anything. Use with Bluetooth earbuds, put your thumb against your third and fourth fingers, 'swipe' up to start/stop your music, or down to skip track...maybe something to answer or hang up a phone call. This is given the assumption that the required hand signals are simple and do not have false positives. Hell, maybe you can write by signing letters in ASL under the table so you can text in a boring meeting, better than subvocal. *IF* the input was extremely usable and reliable, that just might be novel enough for me.

Of course, it occurs that I could just wear a Myo by itself and pair it to the phone in my pocket.

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Don't know why, just bugs me to wear them, and I keep bashing them on things. Before I got a cell phone, I wore a carabiner watch on my belt and it was pretty cool...they were built with cheap springs though, had a tendency to stop staying clipped after a year or two, and after I lost one down an elevator shaft while disembarking I pretty much swore off timepieces (coincidentally that's around when I got a cell phone and stopped needing them).

I guess if I was working in a physical, mobile job...where taking a phone out was inconvenient (dirty hands, gloves, hands always full)...and being able to time things was really important...I'd wear a watch. I could control it with voice, that could be a killer app for some job I don't know what. ("Smartwatch, give me a thirty second countdown on my mark... Mark.") Yeah, the only use for a watch in my mind is checking the time without using your pockets, and always-on voice control is the only "smart" addition that makes sense. If you had the use of your hands to fumble with buttons or a touch screen, a phone would be easier to use.

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I for one don't care if it's dull. I spent an awful lot of time in Noctis, which had one of the worst control schemes ever, no combat, and no interaction with other players whatsoever besides naming planets and posting short notes (the database was updated every few months and made downloadable), but boy did it have a gorgeous infinite universe in its day.

The universe is all a spin-off of the Big Bang.