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Comment: so....why? (Score 0, Offtopic) 92

by Sowelu (#49541391) Attached to: Gen. Petraeus To Be Sentenced To Two Years Probation and Fine

We get a lot of articles here that people say don't belong on Slashdot, but I usually side with them being good articles. "Stuff that matters" and all that, personal freedoms, general interest to nerds, etc. But this, I'm just not seeing it. Nothing to do with personal freedoms, nothing to do with computers, nothing to do with public policy, absolutely zero effect on any of us, even those of us in the USA. It's just political celebrity news.

Comment: Worse than the summary (Score 4, Informative) 128

by Sowelu (#49541345) Attached to: Researcher Discloses Methods For Bypassing All OS X Security Protections

The summary made it sound like "wow, if a program runs arbitrary code, then arbitrary code might run" which is kind of...tautological. But the article has other goodies, like "the security check to keep dangerous code out of the kernel...runs with user permissions", and "code signing only rejects an app if it has an untrusted signature, but lets it through if it has no signature".

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 118

by Sowelu (#49496589) Attached to: Exploit For Crashing Minecraft Servers Made Public

Hm. That actually was my problem with Angband. Too easy, too farmable. I'll have to give that a shot...though I suspect it's going to be a lot of long, boring running around in circles trying to get that ring of fire resistance before I hit whatever depth will kill me without it. And you thought stair scumming was boring...

Comment: Comcast works great with a business account (Score 1) 142

by Sowelu (#49487733) Attached to: How do your actual ISP speeds compare to the advertised speed?

In the house I bought last year, the cheapest Comcast business tier is just a smidgen more expensive than the home tier I would have wanted...and it's by far the best option around, way better than DSL.

Apparently having a business account means that you get dedicated cable (= your neighbors don't slow you down), super fast responses in tech support, and even your own salesman...which is a little weird. But in any case, it's never given me lower than advertised, even when people with non-business accounts are getting screwed left and right.

Comment: Re:Missing features. (Score 1) 209

by Sowelu (#49487517) Attached to: Google Sunsetting Old Version of Google Maps

Yeah, new version doesn't let you search in Smoots anymore, but I'm having trouble being bothered by that, I can convert stuff anyway.

Maybe it's just Stockholm syndrome though. I stopped using the new version at first because it had no distance tool, and said as much in the feedback; I came back once they re-added it and emailed me saying so.

I guess I could always say that the real mistake is using nautical miles when you should be using SI...

Comment: Re:Line Count is Misleading (Score 2) 23

I don't see how that's misleading. So what if the program has all kinds of fancy algorithms--they're not waving around "look how smart we are!!". They're saying "Hey if you want to write image processing code, you can do it this easy"., I miss my image processing class.

Comment: Re:Honestly ... (Score 1) 342

by Sowelu (#49472735) Attached to: Allegation: Lottery Official Hacked RNG To Score Winning Ticket

Sounds like someone's never heard of iterated prisoner's dilemma. Even beyond that, there's plenty of real-world reward grids where player 1's reward for (C,C) is even higher than (D,C). "But that's not interesting in game theory at all!" So what?

You and your partner commit a crime and nobody knows a crime was committed. Do you really think that ratting out your partner will always be a better result than high-fiving and both keeping it quiet? That's silly.

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