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Comment: Apple hardware is leading the pack (Score -1) 465

by Sour Protein Supreme (#9491608) Attached to: Army Contractor To Build A 1566 Xserve Cluster
Just look at and try to tell me Apple is producing shit hardware.

Maybe the reason there is so much Apple stuff on /. lately is becuase at this moment they are making the coolest stuff available in the computing world bar none, and /. editors *might* be able to tell when a company has turned itself around and react accordingly with increased coverage of thats company's offerings??

Or do you think they should still be pissing down a rope at Apples products of 3 or 4 years ago, like the asshats who give lame outdated reasons to bash Apple. Wake up. Things are different now.

/. editors are getting this - some of you other people need to.

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