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Comment Re:Slashdot's Comments (Score 2) 226

Where everyone is a moderator and the points don't matter! Defiantly the way things should be.

Except that this leads to a groupthink echo chamber. Anyone speaking outside the hivemind meme is quickly drowned out, regardless of whether the point they were trying to make is valid.

Comment Biggest problem... (Score 1) 256 not the wind, is not the turbines, and not really the way the grid works, it's the fact that the grid doesn't run to where the turbines are likely to be built, where the wind energy is most available. Boon Pickens had a similar idea about 10 or so years ago, and his ideas got shot down for this reason.

Comment Hope it's better... (Score 4, Interesting) 119

...than my android powered LG 47G2 "smart" TV - it SUCKS! Google updated android in spite of everything I tried to prevent it, and broke a LOT of functions. And there's no way to back out of the "upgrades". I called LG and they blame google. Google says it is an issue with LG. I bet the same thing happens with Firefox OS and these new TVs.

Comment Re:Oh Really? (Score 1) 302

Is there any work that is over 50 years old that still brings in big money?


At least one: Mickey Mouse. He's on everything from T-shirts to books, films, etc., and Disney guards their IP like a tiger guarding her cubs. He is one reason American copyright is so long.

Comment Summary, TFA, concept wrong (Score 5, Insightful) 286

ABP does not block advertisement on your web site. It blocks advertisements coming FROM your web site onto a computer I own. I own the computer, not the web site. I have the freedom (so far!) to control what I see on my computer when I decide to visit* a web site.

*People misuse the term "log-in" to a web site when they actually mean "visit the URL", but that's another rant...

Comment Oklahoma, as an example (Score 2) 143

Oklahoma was a tall grass prairie 150 years ago, with very few trees. Now there is considerable forestation. Much of this is due to human activity (for example, tree seeds being spread through cattle poop when being driven to market). Should we cut them all down and plant grass?

So is this the new metric of large square footage, the way Libraries of Congress have become?

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