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Comment: Re:Oh Really? (Score 1) 301

Is there any work that is over 50 years old that still brings in big money?


At least one: Mickey Mouse. He's on everything from T-shirts to books, films, etc., and Disney guards their IP like a tiger guarding her cubs. He is one reason American copyright is so long.

Comment: Summary, TFA, concept wrong (Score 5, Insightful) 279

by Sooner Boomer (#49526931) Attached to: German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal
ABP does not block advertisement on your web site. It blocks advertisements coming FROM your web site onto a computer I own. I own the computer, not the web site. I have the freedom (so far!) to control what I see on my computer when I decide to visit* a web site.

*People misuse the term "log-in" to a web site when they actually mean "visit the URL", but that's another rant...

Comment: Oklahoma, as an example (Score 2) 143

Oklahoma was a tall grass prairie 150 years ago, with very few trees. Now there is considerable forestation. Much of this is due to human activity (for example, tree seeds being spread through cattle poop when being driven to market). Should we cut them all down and plant grass?

So is this the new metric of large square footage, the way Libraries of Congress have become?

Comment: debate? (Score -1, Troll) 278

by Sooner Boomer (#47465197) Attached to: The debate over climate change is..

People who question the gospel of global warming are called "deniers" to try and shut down any debate. I'm calling them out as "demanders"; that is, whether or not there actually is any global warming, they DEMAND that there be. Possibly an extension of liberal guilt, since most global warming claims come loudest from the left.

Comment: F-4 Phantom jet... (Score 1) 151

by Sooner Boomer (#46970525) Attached to: U.S. Passenger Jet Nearly Collided With Drone In March
Yeah, I know, replying to my own post...

Another article:

"The pilot reported that the small unmanned aircraft involved looked similar to an F-4 Phantom jet, and not like a helicopter that might hold a camera that many associate more closely with drones. Such planes have gas turbine engines and can fly higher than an average drone, according to the FAA. Neither the drone in this case, nor its pilot, have been identified.

Why does the media insist in calling everything from model airplanes to 747's "drones". I think they're the real (mental) drones...

Comment: Model fighter jet... (Score 2) 151

by Sooner Boomer (#46970495) Attached to: U.S. Passenger Jet Nearly Collided With Drone In March

From: - "The pilot said it appeared the drone was a high-end model built to look like a fighter jet and powered with a small turbine engine, according to the FAA. Such model planes are capable of reaching higher altitudes than drone copters and may cost thousands of dollars. "

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