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Comment Columbus vs. Amerika (Score 1) 195

That seems insane. It is like asking someone to draw a map, without being able to actually visit the place that needs to be mapped.

Funny that you say that. As we all know Columbus discovered America (leaving earlier civilzations out of it for the moment).

Only he didn't. He thought he was in India. Later he thougt that he had discovered a new group of Islands. Who did first prove that an entire new continent was found (and gave his name to it)? Amerigo Vepucci. Did he physically visit the continent he 'discovered'? Yes! But only after he had deduced from information of others that there must be a new continent.

So you new role (and adapting to a new role is hard, so think about it) is not to go on a bold new expedition but to sift through the information you request from the different teams and build a global picture from that.

Also a concern for me is: you talk only about network, virtualization, databases etc. While an EA is also much involved in the design of the application landscape, data architecture of large projects, reporting infrastructure etc.

So, if you take the leap, let go of the low level control and widen you horizon.

Comment Re:That would be penny wise and pound foolish (Score 1) 375

Indeed. And this answer is a part of why doing something about global warming (i.e. reducing CO2 emissions) is considered cheaper than do nothing and face the consequences.

Mind you that the 1m increase in sea level is probably already comming even if we stop all CO2 emisssions now. The emission reductions is just to avoid worse (FTA if the ice sheet on Greenland would melt entirely that would result in a 6m rise of the sea level - that's not something you can solve with some dykes)

Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score 1) 413

Not only that, but the bill for dealing with the consequences of global warming (higher dikes, loss of crops, defence against new diseases, irrigation facilities and dams, damage from more frequent and more violent hurricanes...) will be higher than the costs of switching to non CO2 energy sources...

Comment Re:Drone It (Score 1) 843

The F-35A replaces the F-16 by having stealth and a useful range. [...] The F-16 found a new lease on life when the strapped an external fuel tank and targeting pod on it to give it enough range to be a bomb truck, but the extra weight of that fuel makes it shit for manoeuvrability. So the F-16 can either have range and shit manoeuvrability, or great manoeuvrability and a useless range. The F-35A has both, plus stealth, plus better infrared/optical sensors so it doesn't need a targeting pod..

Hence the significance of the article. It seems that an empty F-35 (no weapons) is still no match for an F-16 with the external fuel tank strapped on...

Comment Re:War is Boring is shit (Score 1) 843

Well, can't comment on the author. But let's look at your 3 points.
1. It's a strike fighter: there we agree. What is the problem? That it is supposed to repace all other aircrafts. So it must be able to dogfight too. Sure it has a longer range but in this example the F-16 had additional tanks so that should even it up. Only it didn't. And yes the A10 can't dog fight and isn't designed for it. But the A10 doesn't need to because it was meant to be supported by F-16, F18 and F-15 aircrafts that would do everything else except close air support and hitting 'hard targets'. The F-35 is supposed to do all this by itself...

2. Indeed BVR is gaining ground and is getting more and more important. Question is: do you want to send out your pilots in an aircraft that can't dogfight? Especially if you know that it is slower than most enemy aircrafts? That means that it could be hunted down and killed without any way to escape.

3. I can't comment on the costs of the current air fleet in the US. I do know that my country (Belgium) and our close neighbour (the Netherlands) are both struggeling to find some way to make it appear as if the f-35 is affordable. On the other hand they are looking at 'synergies' like defending the combined airspace with only half the fighters in order to be able to pay for it. The cost of the f-35 is significantly higher than that of the competition (according to our media).

Comment Re:No Source, No Story - complete bullshit (Score 1) 843

I can't argue about the detail of air combat, since I'm a laymen. But the way I read the article the complaint about the nose-rate was only secondary. I had the impression that the pilot was mostly complaining about a lack of engine power. And that this in combination with energy bleeding quite heavily in sharp turns and manouvers put him at a distict disadvantage.
I would imagine that if you find your aircraft underpowered that this would mean you cannot choose your engagement conditions. The other is faster and accelerates faster which means that if he is upon you, you have no way to escape.

Comment Re:Separation of powers or the rule of law, anyone (Score 1) 242

I just read the gist of the verdict (advantage of speaking Dutch). It is NOT a contractual dispute. And it is NOT about interference with politics.
It is solely based on the prudence principle. The Dutch state should do more to shield it's people from the consequences of global warming.

The idea behind this ruling is that the consequences of doing nothing or doing not enough are clear and sufficiently scientifically proven. And thus the Dutch government should act upon it. Saying 'but we are only a small country' and 'this has only sense in a broader agreement' doesn't cut it. The Dutch government should take it's responsibility and do it's part.

Therefore the court orders a reduction of 25% by 2020, which is what the IPCC puts forward as the minimum reduction necessary to keep the global warming under 2 degrees celcius. And keeping it below that level would keep (again according IPCC) the consequences at an acceptable level.

Comment Re: Great. Let's sit here and wait for the next wa (Score 5, Insightful) 422

So, let met get this straight. There are satellite measurements of the ice mass on antartica and they show the ice mass is melting.

And all you have to say is: there is enough ice. See those scientists are getting stuck in it. See? There you have it. Everything is fine!

What kind of leadership are people like you looking for? Someone that will give you a fresh diaper when you are shitting your pants because bad things are happening? Or someone who actually does something about it?

Comment Re:WindOwS X (Score 1) 154

They'll just do what Apple did, like Windows 10.4 Tiger, Windows 10.5 Leopard, Windows 10.6 Snow Leopard, etc.

Yep. Only, if MS is still MS, they'll choose some other animal that THEY think is at least as good as the big cats. Like a bear or something.

Windows Grizzly. Not too bad.
Windows Koala. Well, let's hope people find it cute.
Windows Brown. That's it. They did it again. Those that keep their thoughts away from excrements will think about an electric razor.

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