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Comment: Tzedakis, Channell, Hodell, and Skinner 2012 (Score 1) 2

by Layzej (#48666421) Attached to: White House science adviser Holdren says global warming is holding off ice age

Looks like the science adviser is familiar with the science: - as discussed on slashdot three years ago:

Submitter on the other hand does not know the difference between global warming and climate change. Refers to scientists as 'acolites' seemingly implying that science is a religion.

It is good that a science adviser is versed in the basic science, but it is hardly newsworthy.

+ - Republican lawmaker takes stand in favor of teaching "most up-to-date science"->

Submitted by Layzej
Layzej (1976930) writes "The National Journal reports: Republican state Rep. John Patton will introduce legislation early this week to overturn a statewide ban on a set of K-12 science-education standards that teach the scientific consensus on global warming. The standards were finalized last year by a coalition of scientists and educators. But the guidelines have faced fierce political pushback in states such as Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Wyoming. In March, Wyoming Republican Gov. Matt Mead signed legislation blocking the state Board of Education from approving the standards amid uproar over their climate content. Now Rep. Patton is hoping to undo the ban.

Patton is not a climate-change crusader. He believes the climate is changing but says that he does not know how much human activity contributes to that. But Patton says that his personal opinions are irrelevant. "What I believe about global warming doesn't matter. We want students to have access to the most up-to-date science. Kids should have a chance to learn the science," Patton said."

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Comment: Re:Not seeing the issue here (Score 1) 204

by grcumb (#48649949) Attached to: Judge: It's OK For Cops To Create Fake Instagram Accounts

Bingo. You're absolutely correct.

"I've got three witnesses that put you there, DNA evidence, and some video with someone wearing jeans and a white hoodie, just like you wear, though the face isn't visable. You'll get the death penalty. If you give me a confession, we can get it down to manslaughter. First offense. You'll probably just get probation. Here's some paper."

You might like to look up the difference between coercion and deception. One of them is almost always a crime; the other, not so much.

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