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Submission + - Next Texas Energy Boom: Solar->

Layzej writes: The Wall Street Journal reports: "Solar power has gotten so cheap to produce—and so competitively priced in the electricity market—that it is taking hold even in a state that, unlike California, doesn’t offer incentives to utilities to buy or build sun-powered generation."

Falling cost is one factor driving investment. "Another reason for the boom: Texas recently wrapped up construction of $6.9 billion worth of new transmission lines, many connecting West Texas to the state’s large cities. These massive power lines enabled Texas to become, by far, the largest U.S. wind producer. Solar developers plan to move electricity on the same lines, taking advantage of a lull in wind generation during the heat of the day when solar output is at its highest.

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Comment Re:there is no climate change ? who said that? (Score 1) 185

so your entire problem is that you don't think they're comparing the proxies to the actual recorded temperatures in the best manner.

His original claim was that: "it very clearly shows temperatures as measured by proxy records matched or exceeded todays temperatures on multiple occasions in the last 2k years." even though it shows that historic temps only really matched the '50s, and it is now much warmer than the '50s. He then claimed (but never showed) that you can't compare proxies to actual temperatures. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, that doesn't support his original claim at all.

Comment Re:It is now warmer than the '90s (Score 1) 185

Incidentally, if you are not a fan of the MBH study, there are hundreds of others you can look at. They all paint a similar picture. NOAA has compiled a list of 370 here for your perusal. Original data and metadata are included: https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cdo/...

Comment Re:It is now warmer than the '90s (Score 1) 185

It is possible that reconstructions lack the fidelity to capture some point during the MWP that was warmer than today. Things weren't so great in California during the MWP due to extreme and persistent drought. Possibly we have committed ourselves to a return to those conditions but possibly we have a chance to divert that fate.

Comment It is now warmer than the '90s (Score 1) 185

The only way to declare the temperature since 1990 is warmer than any temperature in the proxy reconstructions, is to go out and take data from an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT dataset!

According to your paper, the MWP was about as warm as the '50s, and possibly as warm as the '90s. It is now much warmer than the '90s. It will continue to warm as long as we continue to release CO2. None of this is controversial.

Comment Re:there is no climate change ? who said that? (Score 1) 185

here's the subseta of that data that they chose to analyze, 1993-2012:

That is very curious. Why start at 1993 which is a local minimum and compare to data starting at 1998 which is a local maximum? The effect would be to exaggerate the trend in the first and minimize the trend in the second. Here are all three of your graphs combined: http://woodfortrees.org/plot/g... Curiously, the trend starting at 1998 is very close to the actual long term trend - even though it starts at a (then) extraordinarily warm year due to an unprecedented El Nino event.

Comment Mid 20th century != 1990 and beyond (Score 1) 185

I hope you realize that this:

Our two-millennia long reconstruction has a well defined peak in the period 950–1050 AD with a maximum temperature anomaly of 0.6 C. The level of warmth during the peak of the MWP in the second half of the 10th century, equaling or slightly exceeding the mid-20th century warming, is in agreement with the results from other more recent large-scale multi-proxy temperature reconstructions

does not in any way contradict this:

Since AD 1990, though, average temperatures in the extra-tropical Northern Hemisphere exceed those of any other warm decades the last two millennia, even the peak of the Medieval Warm Period”

In fact, the second sentence is from the very paper that you seem to want to use as proof that temperatures 1000 years ago exceed those today. it is curious that the blogger you follow omitted the second sentence... possibly not a trustworthy source.

Comment Last decades exceed those of any other warm decade (Score 1) 185

Skeptical science says exactly would you did, and most of what they say is sourced against another blog(RealClimate.org) which was at least started by a pair of actual scientists, but is still itself not subject to peer review either ... That's why I think the actual science must trump blogging by scientists.

You will be happy to note that the skeptical science articles in question reference Murphy 2009 Domingues et al 2008. Nuccitelli et al. (2012), Cowtan & Way (2013), Moberg et al. 2005, Mann et al. 2008, and Ljungqvist 2010 as well as NOAA and the AGU, but do not reference realclimate. Not bad if you think the actual science is important.

Also of note, the author of the very paper that you give as proof that temps 1000 years ago were warmer than today says their paper shows: "Since AD 1990, though, average temperatures in the extra-tropical Northern Hemisphere exceed those of any other warm decades the last two millennia, even the peak of the Medieval Warm Period." Do you think that the analysis of your blogger is more accurate than the authors own?

Comment Re:stop them ! (Score 1) 244

Content producers think, "Ah, I don't want to front something like this. People won't pay for it, so I'll get nothing back". Then he doesn't hire actors, writers, secretaries, etc.

Your argument would have more weight if we weren't in the middle of a golden age of Video/TV/Film production. The quality & quantity of the content being created, and the economic activity surrounding these activities, are all reaching record highs. More people are employed in television, film and videography now than ever before.

Comment Re:Slashdot (Score 1) 226

That is pretty idealistic. Most of the time people just go with whatever satisfies their belief system. If general relativity is considered inconvenient then they will find "evidence" that it is bullocks. It is not at all peculiar that Slashdot would go with the science rather than the fringe views. There are certainly sites you can go to if you want evidence of whatever fringe idea suits your fancy, but Slashdot generally is not it.

Comment Lapse rate - settled within uncertainty boundaries (Score 1) 185

The lapse rate feedback is not unknown to scientists. While science cannot ever be considered 'settled', the range of possible values is bounded. It's about -0.8 Wm-2K-1 (Soden and Held, 2006). Uncertainty is estimated at about 0.1 Wm-2K-1 for both lapse rate and water-vapour feedback combined. (Randall et al., 2007).

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