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Comment: Re:450mm (Score 1) 67

by SomeJoel (#41239289) Attached to: Mass Production of 450mm Wafers Bumped Back Again: 2018

The units ARE right. The WAFERs will be 450mm. Today they are 300mm.

Or 200mm, or 150mm... It really quite depends on the manufacturing equipment in the fab and the target market for the devices (not everything manufactured on a wafer is a "chip"). Rumors of 200mm's demise have been quite premature.

Comment: Re:Industry specific virtual assistants? (Score 2) 125

by SomeJoel (#41152941) Attached to: What Does a Virtual Assistant Do Best?

Are there any jobs for "industry specific" virtual assistants? I could see a market for niche (aerospace, research science, etc.) industries where someone with extensive industry experience would be extremely handy. Rather than the lowest cheap dude out of India, how about a research student out of Boston? Is there a market for that kind of thing? How would one find such a job?

Are you asking about job openings for virtual assistants?

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