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Hit the nail on the head there.

I remember when we just moved here and my wife wanted to buy a sour cream. With fat-free obsession here most stuff is very low on fat, but we wanted it with "normal" percentage of fat, like we used to. Basically we were looking for the one with the highest percentage of fat and so for each can it was: take the total mass in ounces or pounds, divide by the number of servings = mass of one serving, convert to grams, divide the fat per serving in grams by the mass of the serving to get the percentage. Do the same thing for the next can and compare.

Yes, we did get some weird looks.

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I hear people measuring distance in feet and miles all the time. Heck, my navigator, when giving driving directions often says something like "in a quarter of a mile..." and then "in 500 feet". I still have no clue how different "quarter of a mile" and "500 feet" are. And then, when you think you almost got it, there are yards...

P.S. I was raised with SI units and moved to US not long ago and this is my perspective.

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Only because you are using Imperial system and your pancake recipes list crap like "one third of a cup" or something. Look up the same recipe in metric and it will just list grams or milliliters.

The everyday need to divide integers into thirds, fourths, fifth or whatever and get an integer as a result has long gone.

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by SolitaryMan (#46125455) Attached to: The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer

Of course everybody wants more money. The point is -- and this is what important for employer -- are you willing to work harder for it? If your salary is 100K are you going to work twice as hard for 200K? Unlikely, but the employer would have to pay you twice as much.

Alternatively, will you drop your job near your house that provides meals, transportation, etc. that pays 100K in cash for the one far from your place that provides none of the perks, but pays 150K? Also not a given.

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