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Journal: Slashdot Moderation Usability Issue

Journal by SolitaryMan

Since the moderation system started using AJAX, it became really annoying.

Guys! It is a really bad idea to submit moderation on "onchange" event on the combobox. It is really easy to choose the wrong option and there is no easy way to cancel wrong moderation. Misclick is actually only the part of the issue: if the combobox has focus, pressing Up or Down changes its value thus moderating the comment.

So, please, make a nice "OK" button next to the moderation combobox and bind the required event to it, rather then the box itself.


Journal: Job vs. Fun?

Journal by SolitaryMan

Recently, at work, I used a little joke in code. It wasn't even in code, it was a log message, that was saying something like "Miserable failure! ..." when error occured. The code got committed to main branch, new version was built and people started testing it. When one of my bosses saw this message, he asked me to make it more "serious". Now I'm thinking: "WTF?". Whats wrong with these small jokes?

The issue here is not this message itself, but the fact that it is prohibited to have this kind of fun at work, so it is implied that work is no fun. I even think that the most frank responce from my boss would be something like "I have no fun sitting here 9 hours a day so there is no way I'll allow you do it!"

This is what I like about FOSS: it is all about fun. It is fun to code, it is fun to use. All programming languages that dominate in FOSS world were created to have fun. Java is no fun, I don't like it, while Perl... yeah, Perl *is* funny :)

"I think Michael is like litmus paper - he's always trying to learn." -- Elizabeth Taylor, absurd non-sequitir about Michael Jackson