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Comment it's hard (Score 1) 17

and i am as always impressed with your honesty and openness in approach to things. /hat's off to you, no matter what comes next.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 3

has it been good enough for everything else you've read of mine?

And, more to the point, how is that a detriment? At least i can blame the reader in one case...

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Journal Journal: Once upon a time 4

I'm fed up with scandals, with people who have no right to talk giving advice on other people's marriages, with all of the nonsense and silliness and the thinking our lives are private or not private or really just wishing other people's were.

So here's a story.

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Journal Journal: The motorist's prayer 4

The motorist's prayer

Forgive me, o lord, for my infidelities: it's hard enough to stay on the same road, let alone the same lane.

Forgive me, please, for yelling at the idiot in front of me, who's about to do the same damned-fool thing that i always do, and is still cheerful enough to wave to me about it when i'm so far gone that i can only cuss.

Forgive me for crossing four lanes without so much as a signal. Wide is the path of temptation.

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Journal Journal: try this for a bad dream 8

i'm watching from a sort of third person perspective as a story unfolds.

A man. Regular guy. Setting is a random town, he was just passing through on his way to somewhere. He meets a girl, they have dinner. Get along. She's pregnant. He's falling for her anyway. They go to have a drink at the hotel, of course nonalcoholic for you, he say.

Hm, she says.

It's a small town bed and breakfasty place. Three other guests. They talk, he ends up falling unconscious.

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Journal Journal: Scenes from home 5

dragon: what klind of origami would you like?

blinder: a panda

dragon: (busy folding) um... i think it might be a kind of monkey-panda.

blinder: all right.

dragon: (folding some more, checking mistakes, and looking at diagram) Maybe not a monkey. Maybe more of a... um...

blinder: Whatcha making, dragons?

dragon: i give up.


dragons: look, i made this! (holds up little origami box shaped like a house)

blinder: it's a... thing!


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Journal Journal: scenes from home 3

blinder: do you want some grape juice?

dragon: no

blinder: i was kidding. I meant, "you hate grape juice. You're tired of it. You're so sick of grape juice that you could just KICK THE NEIGHBOURS!"

dragon: ???
(bursts out laughing)


"jaws" is now called, "show me the way to go home," because the song got stuck in my head and now whenever "jaws" is on television, blinder starts singing the song.



Journal Journal: Teen discovers potential therapy for AIDS-associated disease

A 17-year-old Indian-American student at the Mississippi Institute of Mathematics and Science has identified a molecule that can inhibit the growth of a bacteria that causes a disease which can be deadly to people who have AIDS, cancer, or cystic fibrosis, according to a story posted at VOA News. According to the article, the student intends to publish her results to the public r
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Journal Journal: fathers and mothers, hate and its children 17

what a weird week.

i spoke to my father's mother.

She's so glad to have her babies back. i don't mind her, though i hate drama in all its forms and am coming to see where a lot of stuff came from in the family.

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Journal Journal: Grief and peace 7

I know a lot of people are critical of how public i make my emotions, but to me it makes sense. Being able to express them means that i can share what i'm going through, and maybe hear things that some of you have gone through in exchange. I'd like to thank those of you who shared your similar-but-different experiences with me, and my guild members who talked to me about it.

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Journal Journal: Hard News 14

(email from my mum)

(my sister) called... Friday night, to ask for -'s (Jr. - you guy's father's) social security number.
I found it for her, and she confirmed that the name and information she found on the social security web site was correct. I am sorry to have to tell you that he has passed away, last October 21st. Place of death was listed as -, Mass. She looked in the phone book, and found his address. He had been living in B-, Mass. She got in touch with people out th

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Journal Journal: folding, knotting, writing. 10

When you fold someone an origami bookshelf, be aware that it takes a lot of miniature books to fill it.

Also be aware that having written one funny story about a teacup dragon, it will be expected that you will write many, many more.

And that it's very hard to tell a story in eight VERY small pages.

On the bright side, i've filled one of four shelves.

"It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and I'm wearing Milkbone underware." -- Norm, from _Cheers_