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Comment: Re:Visualing this? (Score 3, Insightful) 152

by Sockatume (#47431829) Attached to: Amazon Seeks US Exemption To Test Delivery Drones

Given the accuracy of GPS, it'll probably wind up on your roof, up a tree, or down the chimney, which means it'll still be an improvement over Yodel.*

*Substitute infamously incompetent carrier for your region here.

I kid, but seriously, a mail order that's installing lockers and authorised delivery points every few hundred yards and seriously talking about flying fucking robots as an improvement in service is a damning indictment of the package delivery business.

Comment: Re:Doesn't change much (Score 1) 175

Let's get crazy for a moment: one of the ideas of space mining is that it lets you get resources for space projects without the difficulty of firing them up from the Earth in the first place. So in principle, you could produce hardware in space from raw products that have never had any owner, using tools that were themselves manufactured in space from materials that have no owner. Does that mean that said hardware is "up for grabs" in perpetuity with no legally recognised owner, until some smartass brings it back to Earth (defeating the whole point of building it in the first place) and claims it as scrap?

Comment: Re:Not Flip Flopping (Score 1) 140

That all hinges on whether Aereo changes the way it does business so it qualifies for the requisite cable licence, and the channels it wants to rebroadcast give it permission to carry their content, which after months of arguing that it isn't a cable company, and directly antagonising said channels, is probably not terribly likely.

Comment: Re:Simplified summary (Score 0) 140

It makes a little more sense like this:

Aereo: For the purposes of copyright, we're not a cable company.
Networks: Yes you are.
Aereo: No we're not a cable company in any way.
Courts: Yes you are.
Aereo: Okay, if we're a cable company for the purposes of copyright, then we're exactly the special kind of cable company that gets statutory rates.
Networks: You're a cable company, but you're not that kind of cable company.
Aereo: Yes we are.
Networks: No you're not.

Comment: Re:Reciprocal discovery will make the emails publi (Score 1) 429

Of course, I get your point that *some* sort of reciprocal discovery will take place - for the unassailable procedural principles you point out - but the kind of sweeping access to records that Mann's opponents are chomping for simply isn't going to happen.

Comment: Re:Reciprocal discovery will make the emails publi (Score 1) 429

Discovery is reciprocal, but it's not carte blanche to request any and all documentation you might feel like having a look at. In that context, a "truth" defence would require some specific evidence that they're supposed to look for, or at least a general sense that there was something in the defendant's records that they seek. A defendant can't simply request the entirety of a plaintiff's records in the hope of finding something that proves one's claims.

Given the broadness and non-specificity of the NR's claims - Steyn has made it very clear in public statements that he views this as an opportunity to attack Mann on anything and everything he has said on climate - it seems unlikely to me that their request for discovery will succeed.

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