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Comment Re:I have no idea (Score 1) 97

I didn't say let it run all the way down, though I can see why you think I implied that. I can't vouch for WinTel manufacturers but Apple doesn't keep the charge at 100% if it gets left plugged in. I've had excellent battery life on my two Macbook Pros I've had the last 8 years. I typically plugin in around 20% or so.

Comment Re:I'm more worried about pollution than climate (Score 1) 136

You couldn't address any points could you? Did you know before photographs existed we have evidence of glaciers covering the northern US? Due to climate change glaciers advanced and retreated. Our current observations line up nicely with the Vostok ice core. You know that during the little ice age in Europe glaciers advanced and then retreated after it warmed? Tell me about the humidity and it making winters colder again.

Comment Re:I'm more worried about pollution than climate (Score 1) 136

I think we are at an inflection point. So it is your thesis that higher humidity has led to higher snow packs in the Colorado river basin and temperature has no effect on that? Why is the runoff just staring now? Go to http://lakepowell.water-data.c... and see that due to the cool spring runoff is just starting and the lake is 2-4 degrees cooler than it usually is this time of year. I suppose higher humidty caused the long winter in the North Eastern US this winter as well? It caused the unusually cool weather in the south? High humdity from global warming made it a cooler than normal winter?

Comment Re:I'm more worried about pollution than climate (Score 2) 136

We aren't even nearly as warm as we've been in the past via the flora and fauna record and we've stalled for the past 6 years, actually cooled the last couple of years, which no models predicted. It's theory, not fact because there are holes that can't be explained in the theory. Societies have grown and collapsed due to climate change in the past so what we need to focus on is dealing with climate variation. Check out the snow pack in the Colorado Rockies right now, runoff hasn't even taken off yet due to cold and snow, it is just starting to build now, in late May. Arapahoe Basin ski area is still open with a 73" base. It stays open until early May through early June usually but might even make it to July 4th this year like it did in 2011 when the base was in the 90" range in May. So twice in four years the snow pack is well above median and average.

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